The world has witnessed a huge shift in IT workforce from developed regions to cheaper countries .

The Czech Republic has been a preferred destination for both direct investment and outsourcing for numerous world-leading companies from various sectors. Here we can find companies such as Microsoft, Skype, Tieto, Red Hat, SolarWinds, and IBM.

The Czech tech sector is one of the most attractive and developed in the CEE region. World-known products like AVAST and AVG have been developed by Czech companies, proving the high-level IT services.

With a highly educated, motivated, low operational and labor costs it is no wonder the Czech Republic is the country of choice for many successful international corporations.


The Czech Republic is well-known for its high-level educational institutions in general, and in IT specifically. The overall number of tech students in the last couple of years amounted to over 90K.

Today, the graduation rate at all levels of education in the Czech Republic is very high when compared to world standards

Here is a list with the main institutions in the Czech Republic offering IT education:

  • Charles University, Prague
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Masaryk University, Brno
  • Brno University of Technology
  • University of Economics, Prague
  • University of Hradec Kralove
  • University of Pardubice
  • Technical University of Liberec
  • VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
  • Tomas Bata University in Zlin
  • University of West Bohemia, Pilsen

For a small country featuring a prime location at the heart of Europe, it’s been a necessity for Czechs to be multi-lingual. As a result, here you can find a high competence in core world business languages like English, German and Russian.

Labor Costs

Besides having a skilled and motivated workforce, the Czech Republic also offers highly competitive labor costs.

The average salary in the Czech Republic is around 900 EUR, whilst for the developers according to their positions the salaries are as follows:

  • Junior Developer – 700-1100 EUR
  • Middle Developer – 1750-2750 EUR
  • Senior Developer – + $2500 EUR


The Czech Republic has been an EU member state since 2004 and was given an A1 rating from Moody’s.

Prague is the capital of Czechia, well-known all over the world for its beautiful architecture. Brno is the second biggest city, less known internationally, but this is the city where lots of R&D centers, institutions and specialists work , making it the actual IT centre of this country.

Proximity to airports in Vienna and Prague make Brno easily accessible from anywhere in Britain as well as from most EU countries.

Another city that has started to become a popular IT outsourcing destination is Ostrava.

In addition, the Czech Republic is in UTC +01:00 time-zone, which makes it quite easy when it comes to managing day-to-day operations with clients from Britain or any other country in Europe.

The Czech Republic has proved to be a great destination for overseas companies. It is one of the most successful EU countries in terms of attracting foreign direct investment, with over 173,000 Czech firms across all sectors now supported by foreign capital.