Frequently Asked

You still have questions? We created this list of questions and answers to help you better under what our company offer.

Can I swap a resource for another?

Yes. While we rigorously screen our resources to ensure they meet your requirements, we understand that not every developer will be a perfect fit for every company.

Are there any upfront recruiting or contractual costs when hiring developers with HDT?

Yes. We require an initial deposit that will be applied as a credit to your first invoice once you hire your developers. If you decide not to move forward, your deposit will be completely refunded.

Who owns the legal rights of the work created by my team of developers?

You, the client. Our team works directly for you and upon full payment all IP, rights, products & code produced by HDT are your property.

Do you allow my developers to work from home or remotely?

Yes, we do, but HDT is known to be strict on security of data. Remote work, and freelancing is allowed, but closely monitored. We are very keen to make sure the IP of what your developers work on, is safely stored and owned 100% by you.

How much should I budget to hire a developer with HDT?

We do not compete on price, we compete exclusively on quality. The market is in high demand for top developers, and there are not enough developers to go around. Simple economics you might say. This means that pricing around the world is high, regardless of location. We employ your team of developers directly, on your behalf. We pay all the employment’s taxes, and employment’s contribution to the state. Hassle-free for you. No complicated paperwork and administrative hassle to go through.

Where are your team of developers located at?

All our developers work from one of our facilities in Eastern Europe. This is to guarantee the IP, security, know-how of our clients’ proprietary code and assets. We have facilities in most of Eastern Europe, in particular in Ukraine, and in the Balkans. Feel free to schedule a visit!

Can my programmers work from our company offices?

Yes. Upon request, we can deploy your team of developers on-site. All HDT developers will be making the final call on relocation because to us, keeping our developers happy is our top priority. All cost of living adjustments & relocation fees are passed along to the client. This arrangement works best for 3-6 month periods. Client’s seeking long-term on-site relocation are advised to let HDT know in advance so we may hire specific candidates looking for relocation.

Who is managing my programmers?

You. This is a quite an advantage for you and our developers. You work with them directly. You know your applications better than anyone. Upon request, we also provide project management to locally lead your team of developers. That’s why we typically let our clients manage their developers directly.

What tools does Hire Dedicated Team typically use?

HDT uses Git, GitHub, Jira, Slack for communication. We’ll also invite you to our Slack channel.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We primarily work with ACH, bank wires and typically work with EUR, CHF, USD and GBP. For smaller amounts, we do accept all major credit cards.

How do I get started? How do I hire my resource(s)?

Great! Simply go to https://hirededicatedteam.com/get-started/en. Just fill the form and one of our expert will write you back within 24-48 hours to get your account setup.