Our Process

We have a simple 4 step process in place. You reach out to us with your need, we agree on our collaboration, then you send us your job descriptions, we help you source the talent, send you resumes of potential candidates. If you decide to move forward with a particular candidate, you make an offer, if the offer is accepted, we reached our objective.

Discovery Phase


Fill up our Simple Wizard

Fill up our simple step by step wizard. This will help us determine your team's needs more precisely.

  • Discovery
  • Study your Company
  • Resources Needs

Wire-frame Phase


Contract Terms

We send you a simple proposal. This will help you determine the cost and time mobilization for your team allocation.

  • Determine length of the contract
  • Contract Terms
  • Financial Proposal

Development Phase


Job description & Interviews

Once you accept our terms, we immediately start looking for talents for you. We interview potential candidates, select the top candidates, and send you our shortlist. We then make a final interview together to select the top candidates from the shortlist. We hire the candidates, and start work.

  • Start Interviews
  • Technical Assessments
  • Provide you with shortlists of candidates
  • Final Selection

Promotion Phase


Team is mobilized!

Your dedicated team is now ready. They work for you exclusively, and they get paid by our company. We take care of payroll and taxes, office facility, and security.

  • Your team is ready
  • They start working on your project
  • You can expend your team at any time

Hiring becomes simple again

We make it easy for you to hire dedicated talents for your project. Our project is flawless: You fill up our form, we work on contract terms, send a proposal. Once accepted, we start looking for candidates, provide you with shortlist of top talents, then mobilize the talents.