Hire a talented iOS Development Team

We've all been in situations where you need to immediately hire a talented iOS developer. We help you hire talented iOS (Swift or Objective C) Developers for your business to succeed.

Why choose Hire Dedicated Team (HDT) as your hiring partner?

Our company help you reach top talent locally and globally. This gives you direct access to a large talent pool of pre-screened iOS Swift and Objective C developers. We help you save time and money.

HDT has access tens of thousands of developers with a strict hiring process. We introduce you to your prospective team members, and coach you and your talents to insure high retention rates.

Hire an iOS Swift Developer

Hire Dedicated Team (HDT) has built strong connections with certified iOS developers. The majority of our candidates have all completed BS/MS in Computer Science. In order to remain up to date on the latest technologies, they are asked to complete on-going studies within their respective fields of specialty. iOS developers are typically familiar with either Swift, Objective C, or both.

  • Best talent for your iOS project
  • Team members are available to work on a project basis or for full-time (FTE)
  • We have offshore and on-shore PM to ensure success of your project
  • Flexible engagements
  • Hire Dedicated Team based on your needs
  • Contact us to discuss your iOS project needs