A lot of times, companies opt not to use their internal employees for certain jobs. Instead, they decide to engage the services of external teams. This process is known as outsourcing. There are two types of outsourcing namely offshoring and nearshoring.

Offshoring takes place when a company engages the services of an external party based in another country. For example, if an organization based in Canada hires workers from Pakistan, such an organization is said to be taking part in the process of offshoring. On the other hand, nearshoring involves tasks being performed by an external worker/company whose base is in a location that is close to the company hiring them.

IT Outsourcing in Poland: Reputed Worldwide

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in the rate at which companies have been outsourcing to Poland. It is viable and important option when it comes to outsourcing for app development in Europe. This is because mobile app development has received significant interest in Poland and as a result, there has been an increase in the number of mobile app developers in the country. This has, in turn, led to mobile development firms turning their attention to Poland for their outsourcing needs. This is unsurprising because Polish experts are highly rated in the industry. They are known to be diligent and resourceful and while these same qualities are present in a lot of other countries, Poland has more factors which tip the odds in its favor and makes it a better outsourcing destination than others.

We talk about these factors below;


The talent pool of IT professionals in Poland is unrivaled. Nearly half of Polish citizens between the age of 25 and 34 possess university degrees or other equivalent certification. Also, about 80,000 IT specialists graduate annually and these high numbers provide intense completion in the IT industry which in turn keeps developers motivated and focused and as such they give their best in making a quality product.


If you are nearshoring to Poland from anywhere in Europe, or offshoring from the US, there is very little difference between the time zones of these places and Poland, meaning that there is an overlapping of working hours which will greatly make communication easier, leading to more efficient production.

Similarity in Laws

Poland belongs to a number of international organisations such as the European Space Agency, EU, NATO, WTO, OECD, etc. this is especially beneficial for European companies seeking to outsource because visas/work permits are not required. Also the laws of the EU on copyright and IP are uniform. Furthermore, these laws are in consonance with US regulations, and there is no room for clash of conflicting regulations.


Poland is encouraging students to learn English, hence preparing them for the possibility of working internationally after graduation. Over 80% of the students speak English, effectively tackling the problem of language barrier. More so, Poland’s information technology infrastructure is strong and digital-based, which meets the specifications needed in outsourcing.

Business Climate

While several countries in Europe have suffered recession, Poland’s economy has been growing. This means that the country will continue to improve existing infrastructure which will enhance IT.


Poland has a relatively low labour cost, hence the company can take on jobs at cheaper rates. Also, the tax rates are low, making it a good destination for outsourcing.

Cultural Similarities

As against outsourcing from Asia, Poland has very little difference in culture with European countries and the US.