Blockchain technology is relatively new but it’s already changing the way we view and use technology today. Blockchain has the potential to modernize every industry from healthcare to real estate. There may even come a point when our voting system will be influenced by technology.

There is a huge array of advantages to blockchain, including high demand for developers. But with this comes a great deal of competition to hire the best talent. Eastern Europe may just provide you with the affordable blockchain developer you have been looking for.

What is so good about Eastern Europe?

Recruiters are more and more frequently turning to Eastern Europe because of how successful the freelancing industry has turned out. Today it’s easier for both employees and employers to work together on projects. For those looking for a blockchain developer, you will be able to find lower rates as a result of the generally lower costs of living.

Eastern European developers also have a good reputation due to their technological skills. A large number of them have already worked with open-sourced blockchain projects. There is no trick t hiring an Eastern European developer. Just as you normally would, check their portfolios and experience. You will want to make sure that communication levels between the involved parties are strong.

Programming code is a universal language; it doesn’t require a native English speaker to do the job. As long as all of the developers have a sufficient level of English to communicate with each other, they can be from any country.

Top reasons to hire Ukrainian blockchain developers

1. Reducing your outgoings

The first thing most people do when they are about to hire a web developer is to look at the budget available. Rates can vary greatly from one country to another but you will find that app developers and blockchain developers in Ukraine are generally less expensive than other Western European countries.

2. They are experienced

It’s not just about choosing an outsourcing company that has experience. You need to look for an outsourcing company that has the exact experience you are looking for. The majority of Ukrainian developers have plenty of experience working for international companies. Both making a final choice, have a look at their website, projects they have worked on, and customer testimonials.

3. Communication is an enjoyable experience

Ukraine has a very similar culture to other European countries, for this; there won’t be communication issues. They are a nation of hard workers and developers make a huge effort to improve themselves, including their level of written and spoken English. Aside from English, they also strive to be professional and understand the optimal business practices.

4. You have the chance to invest

Soviet oppression has only made the Ukrainians more determined to make themselves known as a country. Overall, the markets in Ukraine are maturing at a rapid rate and ready for investment. While there are numerous benefits for you to invest in the country, you will also be helping the country. Western businesses investing in Ukraine will aid the country on their new path.

5. A specific talent you are looking for

It’s easy enough to find a blockchain developer in most Eastern European countries, however, you may not have such an easy job finding the best. Ukraine is one of the few countries that has won awards for its blockchain development. This country can prove that it has the right balance of talent and affordability.

6. A large talent pool

Ukraine has a population of almost 45 million people with a large workforce to take advantage of. So far there aren’t enough studies to show just how many blockchain developers there are, but it’s safe to assume the number is quite high.  Ukraine has a strong background in maths and logical thinking. It’s the most sensible start to looking for your blockchain developer.

7. There have already been success stories

It’s not just an odd case of companies doing well after working with Ukrainian developers; there are thousands of examples. The business model has been proven. Your company has the same opportunities as the others that have done so well and enjoyed the previous six benefits mentioned.

In Summary

You will probably find more advantages to hiring developers in Eastern Europe, but what we have discussed should be a great start to get you motivated.