Why Companies Choose the Dedicated Development Team Model and How It Works

Some reputable organizations built their development teams in Eastern Europe, particularly in Poland and Ukraine. A dedicated development team is a model whereby a vendor supplies a team of software developers to a client. This is usually on a long-time arrangement.

So what is the mystery of the Eastern European IT outsourcing market? Here, we investigate Ukraine and Poland as potential goals for employing dedicated development teams.



The Ukrainian IT area is really growing fast in recent years. The nation’s IT industry trade volume increased greatly in the past few years, from $110 million out of 2003 to $3.6 billion out of 2017. This figure is expected to double in two years’ time. Presently, the IT business has the third spot by fare volume in the nation (after metallurgy and nourishment industry). A report says that Ukraine is positioned among the best 25 IT administrations exporters around the world.

Around 1,000 IT administrations suppliers work in Ukraine. Additionally, the nation contains more than 100 R&D centres, including such worldwide organizations as Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, NetCracker, Wargaming, Magento, Oracle, Siemens, IBM, and others.


Poland is one of the quickest developing economies in the CEE locale. The IT sector in the country has been experiencing rapid growth for the past two decades with several awards and ratings to back up this development. The nation is a standout amongst the most alluring redistributing goals in Europe.

Such huge brands as Microsoft, ABB, Google, Microsoft, Unilever, Motorola, Intel have R&D centers in the nation.



The quantity of Ukrainian programming engineers is expanding. As Stack Overflow reports, there are near 166,000 programming engineers in Ukraine and this number is expected to reach 200,000 by 2020.

The level of experienced programming engineers in Ukraine remains high with the vast majority of these engineers living and working in urban centres. Individually, the greatest number of dedicated development teams is situated in these urban communities.

One of the key parts of effective IT industry development in Ukraine is its solid specialized training. More than 36000 students graduate annually with degrees in specialized examinations in the nation. This number expands each year.


With more than 254,000 workers in the Polish IT industry, the country’s IT sector ranks as the greatest in Eastern Europe. Most of the software engineers and dedicated development teams are situated in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk.



The Ukrainian government is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to make the country a destination for business investments. For example, the Ukrainian government made tax reforms which ameliorated the tax situation of workers in the IT sector.

The nation keeps pace with the most recent worldwide patterns and advances developments. Furthermore, Ukraine is socially near the Western culture, there is little time difference with significant European urban areas and the short flight time among Ukraine and other European nations, which encourages correspondence and aids in structure business connections.


Poland has ideal conditions for working with its steady business condition. It is one of the best nations in the world to invest.

Poland is situated in the GMT +1 zone and has 1-2 hour time contrast with most European urban communities. Likewise, its social affinity with other European nations makes the cooperation substantially more viable.

Communication is not difficult because many citizens can hold down conversation in English.


No doubt, both Poland and Ukraine are where you can discover a ton of qualified assets for your nearshore advancement group. These nations have the blasting IT enterprises, a strong tech training framework, and numerous dependable redistributing suppliers.