It’s more or less impossible to run a business in our days without hiring a software engineer vs developer.  Modern companies need to have a certain level of complexity so the software solution will be complex as well. In the recent period, it became common to search for custom software solutions too. Because of the rise of the need for good quality softer development solutions, the demand for software engineers is higher too. The problem is that there are not enough people qualified to cover the demands.

We will talk about why are software engineers so important for your company and which is the best country where you should look for software engineers.

The need for software development services has doubled in the past few years. The software is being used for more and more aspects of the business as the technology is evolving.

The main reasons for the popularity of software engineers are:

  • The increased use of many types of software in our daily lives
  • The complexity of the projects
  • Codes need to be rewritten
  • The competition on the market is increasing

In recent times, everybody is saying that there is a significant shortage of engineers in the USA as well as in other many countries. Even so, it would not be correct to affirm that there are not enough specialists in the field. The problem seems to be more about the quality of these specialists. In the USA in 2017, there were only 50.000 IT graduates and the demand for this kind of specialists was more than 10 times bigger.

A similar situation can be seen in the UK – companies are searching for engineers that have more qualifications than the ones offering their services on the market. Even more, when IT companies are thinking of new employees, software developers are their priority.

Software developers have a very highdemand in Canada and Europe as well.

What are the causes of this shortage of programmers?

The first reason we can talk about here is the lack of experience. There are a lot of graduates every year in the field but without any work experience, employers don’t really trust them so they have a hard time finding a job. The second reason is the high salary demands from developers. A small company, especially if it was started recently, can afford these specialists.

Another reason is that softer developersdon’t always have a proper higher education.

The combination of these factors leads to the shortage we are talking about.

Those who choose to work with specialistsfrom other countries know that Ukraine is one of the best choices. The reasonsfor this are:

  • The low prices. Ukrainian specialists often charge less than those from other European countries.
  • Education. Most Ukrainian specialists have a high profile education.
  • Big talent pool.
  • There are a lot of Ukrainian specialists with high skills and a portfolio to prove it and are available to work with you.

These are some of the important reasons that should make you consider Ukraine as a good option for hiring software engineers for your company or projects.