Even with the introduction of robotics such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), there are still work and business operations that require a real person to do the task. Outsourcing human power is still a common practice to keep businesses efficient and viable.

Companies who are into outsourcing picktheir labor forces from around the world. Depending on the skills needed,outsourcing companies are now getting more particular with their picks. When itcomes to IT jobs though, Ukraine remains to be one of the best places to findone. EU, Israeli, and North America are mainly outsourcing their IT jobs inUkraine.

Ukraine is one of the top outsourcing destinationsfor IT outsourcing companies and here are the four reasons why.

  1. Ukraine has a strong pool of highly -skilled IT professionals

The local economy of Ukraine is currentlydriven by its IT market. As of this year, they have more than 90,000 ITgraduates. The education system of Ukraine is known for its strict and highstandard hence the production of great IT graduates.

Aside from having more than 100 Ukraine-basedR&D centers owned by different tech companies, there are multinationalcompanies around the world that benefits from this pool of IT talents fromUkraine. Popular R&D tech giants such as Samsung, Oracle, and NetCrackerare just to name a few.

  • Ukraine Offers Cheaper ITService

Hiring IT professionals from Ukraine cansave you at least 50% as compared to hiring IT experts from Western Europe orNorth America. Most companies are aware of this hence they are outsourcingtheir IT services to Ukraine.

If you will rank Ukraine in the entireworld, Ukraine’s IT service is not cheap. It is still more expensive ascompared in Southeast Asia or in India as it delivers a higher quality of work.

In addition, Ukraine’s taxes,administrative expenses, and other fees are cheaper as compared to othercountries.

  • Ukraine has Good Locationand Time Zone

The working hours in Ukraine are the same as in Western Europe.
Even for the US, Ukraine is the best choice compared to the time zones of Russia, India or China.

Visiting Ukraine for business reasons isalso easy. Ukraine ha a straightforward visa requirement and they offer a90-day no visa program to all foreign visitors. Of course, communicating onlineis still the easiest way to communicate with your employees.

  • Ukraine IT ProfessionalsCommunicate Well

At least 80% of IT professionals in Ukrainecan speak good English (intermediate). Ukrainians understand the importance ofhaving a good command in English hence it is part of their education.

As they have been one of the top hubs forIT professionals, Ukrainians are now familiar with different cultural nuancesthat can affect international partnerships.

To sum it up, if you are looking for an IT professional to trust, you can check what Ukraine has to offer. Most of their IT experts have worked with big tech companies and they are highly-skilled. In short, you can have the quality you want without spending too much on manpower.