In the IT world, outsourcing has taken the reigns over the traditional in-house development due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. It speeds up development and provides access to affordable experts who may not be available in-house.

Here are the services you can outsource in software development:

1.    Software R&D

The lifeblood of technology is research and development. Especially now that development of new products keeps companies ahead of the game.

Many types of R&D projects in the various IT fields can be outsourced while cost-saving. Oversees teams can handle any of these projects as they are trained in them.

You can tap into the global talent and international stream of knowledge by connecting with software R&D teams that have experience producing innovative ideas and products. They will supercharge your software development process. Programming languages are international and there can be no barrier to collaboration. Top programmers are found in Eastern Europe, China, India, Korea, and Taiwan. Leading companies include US Intel, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and Xerox.

Both big companies and startups can take part in R&D operations. Pay attention to the companies and skills that are well suited for your project and have what you are looking for.

2.    Web app development

When building a website, multiple apps should be incorporated to make the site efficient. This can be achieved through the website-integration feature, which makes it possible to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

In-house teams may not be skilled at building web applications. Rather than spend time training them, it saves time and money to outsource qualified personnel. You can hire someone via a contract.

3.    Web design

Using templates to design your website limits your ability to customize it. The user interface that results will not be as efficient as desirable.

If none of your staff is specialized in this field, you may want to consider outsourcing. Thus, you will have a website that meets your needs, creates an excellent customer experience and reflects your corporate branding.

4.    Mobile apps development

IOS, Android and iPhone applications are developed daily in millions. The demand for these applications and the demand for outsourcing Smartphone application development keep rising. Outsourcing these skills gives room for you to attend to other activities such as marketing and launching of the app while overseeing its development.

Having a clear objective is essential, know what you need from the app, think of in-app purchases, social media integration, login features, etc. it will be of help to research similar application before getting started. You will corporate with the outsourced team in many issues including support services, technical troubleshooting, and regular software updates.

5.    Video game development

The market for video game developers is massive. This industry is worth more than $100 billion. Skilled professionals are needed in design, graphics, digital artistry and programming. The concept development, pre-production, production, testing, and distribution stages need core competencies, all of which can be outsourced. Both in-house and outsourced teams can work together. It makes game development fast, cheaper and efficient.

6.    VR and AR development

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are taking over most of the existing interfaces. Its market is expected to rise to 360 million Euros by the year 2020. The outsourcing market can take advantage of this growth.

You can find an outsourcing company to conduct rendering, object depth and scaling.

7.    AI and Robotics

Robotic applications can automatically route transactions, work with data, initiate responses and collaborate with other systems, according to Deloitte. They are a great alternative to back-office processes, dealing with workflow and performing high-volume IT support. Although it’s not a widespread practice, AI and outsourcing can work hand in hand.

Whatever technology business you decide to run, there is a broad range of tools you can use to ease the way, save money and time and work with expertise, outsourcing being one of them.