Companies tend to focus more on their most important activities and interests while leaving their outsourcing partners to come with their innovations which will suit the clients’ needs. Outsourcing serves as a great way of allowing business heads to maximize their resources and productivity. This, in addition to a lot of other benefits, has led to a lot of organizations outsourcing for some of their tasks. Numerous outsourcing havens exist worldwide but few can be compared to Poland which is one of the top outsourcing destinations globally, going head to head with traditionally renowned powerhouses like China and India. In Europe, it is the most attractive country for outsourcing. A lot of factors contribute to this, and we talk about five of those in this article.

The Country has some of the World’s Most Competent Programmers

In terms of education, Poland is doing quite well. About 20% of all Polish citizens who are between the ages of 25 and 35 have university degrees. Furthermore, more than two-thirds of Poland’s IT specialists have a form of a degree from a tertiary institution. A tenth of all IT experts in Europe is from Poland while more than 15,000 students graduate from the country’s higher institutions of learning on an annual basis.

Also, in terms of skills, Poland is no push-over. Of course, it is essential to be vast in coding and Polish developers rank high in a lot of international coding competitions such as Microsoft Imagine cup, TopCoder, Google Code Jam, and many others. HackerRank, in a ranking based on average score all HackerRank Challenges, ranked Poland as the third country with the best developers in the world.

There is little or No Cultural Difference

A UK or American firm looking to outsource from Poland will encounter little problems in terms of cultural and communication-related issues. Most developers in Poland are proficient in English language, hence the problems arising as a result of communication and language barrier are minimal. This makes Poland a better proposition than the likes of China or India.

Time Difference is not much

The little difference in time zones between Poland and the UK or US means that there will be an overlap of working hours between these locations. With this, both parties can agree on a time to speak which will fall during the working hours of both of them. This will also aid communication and proper monitoring of the task.

Data Protection: High Security Standards

Poland offers very strong data security because the country follows the European Union data protection laws.

It is Cheap to Engage the Services of Polish Developers

In the European Union, Poland has the least labor cost. Developers in Poland charge competitive rates which are very low when compared to other places. For example, a seasoned programmer makes around $100,000 in the US but his counterpart in Poland would take something in the region of $40,000.

In conclusion, it is very clear that the IT industry in Poland is growing. More and more experts are joining the industry and as a result, it has proven to be a sure destination for outsourcing.