When someone wants to outsource work, they may usually think of outsourcing to China or India, which are both well-known for working with companies across the globe. Oftentimes, Poland is overlooked as a potential country to outsource IT work. However, there are many perks to outsourcing work to Poland.

Reasonsto Outsource Work to Poland: 

  • Low cost

Nobody wants to pay a lot for outsourced work. In fact, it is wise to research lower-cost options that still produce quality work. Poland is known for providing good quality work for a very reasonable price. While Poland may not offer the cheapest option, companies that outsource their work to Poland are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results.

  • Solid Education

According to the New York Times, around 40% of Polish people have a university degree. Of those with a degree, many studied courses in the technology field, which has proven valuable to foreign companies looking to outsource.

In fact, General Electric, an American multinational conglomerate company, has one of its design headquarters in Poland and hired some of Poland’s highly-educated engineers to create an engine for a Boeing 787 aircraft. GE chose this location knowing that the local people had great educational backgrounds and could work in the design headquarters successfully.

  • Smallcultural gap 

One of the biggest concerns companies have about outsourcing to a foreign country is the cultural gap. Poland has a small cultural gap with other countries in Europe as well as the United States. In fact, Poland was ranked 10th in the world for possessing good English skills, often outranking other Eastern European countries. The ability to speak English combined with educational backgrounds in software development and other related fields continues to set Poland apart from other countries that compete for outsourced work.

  • The time difference isn’t terrible and the location is good

Another factor to consider when outsourcing is the time difference and location – you do not want to experience slow or lack of communication due to being in different time zones. Outsourcing to Poland is beneficial because the time difference is not terrible. In fact, there is only a 7-hour difference from New York to Warsaw, which means companies can oftentimes find agreed upon time to communicate with each other.

Traveling from the United States and most European countries to Poland is also relatively easy. The development hubs in Poland are reachable by plane, and flights remain relatively cheap across the board. This allows companies to fly out and meet with those working on their projects if needed.

Whether you are a small start-up company, or a global giant like General Electric, outsourcing to Poland can help set your business up for success. With highly educated developers, affordable prices, and easy access to the team working on your projects, companies can rest assured that the work provided will be of excellent quality and affordable.