For those who are well knowledgeable of the IT industry, you will be well aware of the job market situation right now. As technology continues to advance at such as fast pace, companies are more in need of IT experts than ever before. There are a number of obstacles companies are facing, in particular, trying to find talent, more so in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe.

In 2018, Software developers were one of the highest professions in demand, making it on to the top 15 demanded professions, software developers also placed themselves in the top 5 for the highest average salaries.

Software outsourcing has become one of the most popular solutions to overcome the lack of tech talent. It allows companies to work with IT specialists while not breaking the budget.

Software Engineer Salariesand IT Budgets

Here are some of the average salaries in the US based on various jobs available on the market:

  • Computer Programmer- $87,530
  • Computer Systems Analyst- $92,740
  • Software Developer- $106,710
  • Computer Network Architects- $107,870
  • IT Managers- $149,590

As you would imagine, cities such as San Francisco, Boulder, Seattle, and San Jose are the most expensive when it comes to hiring IT specialists. ReactJS and Docker are two of the most popular programming languages. Software for mobile apps for both Android and iOS is still highly sought after, as is database administration and development.

With the general increase of technology across multiple industries, IT spending has increased. Companies are investing more in security, improved customer experience, business management, and more. The total spending in the IT sector in 2015 was $1995,7 billion; by the end of 2019, this figure had reached $2254,5 billion.

IT Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is rather new to the market but has an excellent combination of skills, proficiency in English, and innovation. Geographically, it is well located with little time difference between Western Europe and North America. Countries get ample support from the governments and costs are very low.


Ukraine has the fastest developing IT industry in the region. The levels are the education of extremely high and universities produce graduates in a great range of technologies. There are almost 105,000 software developers in Ukraine and this figure increases each year. The growth makes Ukraine a great place for team players and quality services.


The IT industry in Poland plays a large part in the country’s overall economy. You can find 118,000 experts in the IT workforce, qualified in multiple technologies but specializing in outsourced hardware and software. Companies generally have years of experience behind them, most of which are in Warsaw and Krakow. Poland is known for its excellent services but it also more expensive than other countries within the EEA.


Since featuring in IDC and Gartner reports, Belarus has shot into the limelight. The government strongly encourages IT growth, and this is seen with the lack of taxation for residential IT companies. There are around 30,000 IT professionals, generally situated in Minsk.


The 40,000 strong IT workforce has gained popularity for its motivation and high levels of education. IT is centralized in Sofia and Bulgaria as a whole is focused on developing new service strategies.