Outsourcing can be a great way to drive yourbusiness forward in a more effective and faster manner. It allows you to useyour company resources for more profitable ventures. It isn’t, however, a onesize fits all magic solution. 

Theoutsourcing story brings many real advantages. But, there are some aspects thatyou should look out during the whole process. It is impossible to explain allof them but the most important ones, the ones that require the most significantattention are mentioned.

  • Figureout your goals and skills before presenting them to your outsourcing partner.Make a job description that will state everything you offer, every goal, everymilestone, and process. State everything crucial for your company. Do not leaveanything unclear.
  • Summarize the desired outcome– Write a sentence or two explaining what the ideal outcome of the task orproject will be.
  • Thevendor is something that is often rushed because it is mainly focused onpricing. Do not make instant decisions based on the lowest offers because youmay end up with low quality and cultural differences.
  • Babysteps are required in this process. That is because you are new to outsourcingworking models, and you should start with small projects. Get mutual trust andefficient collaboration by slowly presenting weaknesses and strengths.
  • The20 percent rule – One of the worst things when outsourcing is getting the finalproduct back, and discovering that it was wrongly done. Ask the outsourcingcompany to provide you with an update once they have completed 20 percent ofthe project 7. After you have received the 20 percent completion status update,make sure you provide constructive feedback.
  • Rememberthat the outsourcing team is equal to your employees. Motivate them as much asyou motivate the team that stands before you and also keep them engaged. It isgood to establish a partnership that is going to be long-term.
  • Outsourcingteams do not always share culture similar to yours. That is why you should tryand understand whatever culture they come from. A lot of unexpected issuesmight happen in the future, so that is why you should get interested in yourpartners, ask them anything, be polite and not jump straight into facts,figures and actions.

Thereyou go. These are the essential guidelines for outsourcing projects andoutsourcing partners. Avoid bad things as much as you can and implement thewritten above tips.