Eastern European countries have been doing several international companies a lot of good in terms of outsourcing because of their great technological prowess and competitive wages. A lot of IT firms now engage IT outsourcing companies in eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, and so on in order to improve their development strength and productivity and, ultimately, enhance their competitive edge. When it comes to Bulgaria in particular, the IT experts are highly competitive and have contributed heavily to the general reputation of Eastern Europe. Here we highlight some of the reasons why the services of Bulgarian developers are highly sought after globally.


Strong IT OutsourcingMarket

Bulgaria has been a powerhouse when it comes to IT. It was the largest supplier of IT services to the USSR and the country’s importance continues till this day as it still remains one of the most attractive countries for IT outsourcing in the world. Its history as an IT hub has greatly helped to grow its IT market and it has been maintaining high international rankings for several years in several sectors.

Growing IT Sector

It should not come as a surprise that the rate at which the IT industry has been in Bulgaria grows is faster than the country’s economy. The IT industry has been on an upward curve since 2013 and the future looks bright for the industry. Hence it is an appealing destination for companies seeking to outsource.

Solid Expertise ofBulgarian Software Developers

Bulgarian experts are highly skilled and experienced. They have the practical experience and are highly innovative. Cisco ranked them as the country with the third highest number of certified developers per capita. The country has continued to wax stronger with programmers having a vast knowledge of Java, Python, C#, PHP, C++, JavaScript, among other programming languages.

High Level of Education

A lot of emphasis is placed on the training of young people as developers in Bulgaria. Also, part of this education includes learning of foreign languages, especially English. Most of the over 50 universities in the country offer IT-related courses and in 2017, more than half of the graduates, who are in excess of 55,000, were specifically trained to suit the requirements of the IT industry. Regarding foreign languages, more than two-thirds of the students learn English or German, and over half of the working population speaks a minimum of one foreign language.

Ever-Increasing Pool of Developers

At present, the IT industry employs about 70,000 people – about half of this number are women. The number of employees are increasing, with a report saying that the outsourcing sector will create 18,400 new jobs by 2021 and IT experts will grow to 79,000 people.

Large Array of Software Development Companies

The country has a great diversity if software development companies with half of these companies working as BPO vendors while the others are into ITO services.

Based on ownership, a little above half of all the IT companies belong to Bulgarians while the remaining 48% belong to foreigners who are mostly based in the Uk, Germany, US and Netherlands.


Although the economy of Bulgaria is less than ideal, the IT industry is currently doing fine and has created a lot of opportunities which you can tap into.