An outsourcing service platform is a unique platform where IT industries get their work done at a very reduced cost. Most software development organizations have risen to limelight through project outsourcing to IT specialist who ensures adequate project execution and at a reasonable service price. Belarus is among the IT country which offers the cheapest labor in the area of project outsourcing. This has led to regular increasing demand for IT outsourcers within the country. Those who can efficiently handle various IT project and still save cost at execution.

Belarus IT outsourcing markets

Belarus has arguably the best IT market in Eastern Europe due to numerous benefits investors derive from a partnership with the IT outsourcing companies in the country. Apart from the high demand for outsourcing services in Belarus, the opportunity to secure a good pool of IT specialist who is interested in working for an international market like those of the USA, Canada, Australia, EU countries and Great Britain has boosted the country’s economy. Belarus is indeed an advanced IT country where talented experts can be found. This IT growth was possible for Belarus because:

Adequate government support

Belarus has received adequate support from the government through the creation of IT industries and offers tax privileges and tax holidays, which has also encouraged investors to Belarus. IT related courses were introduced in the university and colleges to enhance the level of professionalism of the citizens.

Global recognition

Belarus still occupy its prominent position among IT countries which supply outsourcing services at all times. The vast majority of the Belarusian employees are IT experts who live and work in Belarus. There are also IT support and training across the country where developers raised other sets of young developers through the training conferences.

Reasonable prices

Belarusian IT experts’ charges client at a very low rate compared to workers from Western Europe and the USA. This is not inadequacies but the number of available qualified IT experts across the country. The cost of hiring a developer is quite low in Belarus.

High level of self-management

Belarus IT companies regularly engage its developers in a scrum methodology as a mode of service execution, so as to solve the problem associated with a poor workflow. The developer always has something to do on the project. This technique encourages product quality.

Comfortable time zones

Belarus falls within GMT +3 time zone, so no need to bother on time differences with clients from the USA and other Western nations.

Available number of experts

Currently, Belarus houses about 35,000 IT experts which fit into different categories.

Level of expertise

The current level of expertise in Belarus is good and constantly getting better as new programmers are emerging and research is being made to develop new IT programs.