It is no longer strange to see many companies employing IT outsourcing services for some time now. This is because outsourcing IT functions help to save cost and increase the company’s focus on other pressing areas, thereby yielding high business productivity. Belarus is one of the top countries where experienced IT specialists with affordable price listings are located.

Let’s take a quick look at why Belarus is in high demand in the area of IT outsourcing.

Total support from the Government

The Belarusian Government is particular about advancing and developing the IT industry in the country. Most of the registered companies in the country are supported with tax privileges. In addition to this, many local universities offer a high number of IT-related subjects. By so doing, there is a constant rise in the number of new IT professionals who can immediately assume junior positions in the tech industry.

Worldwide Credibility

Belarus has remained and maintained its position as one of the top countries with the best IT outsourcing for some years now. This alone is enough for them to enjoy high demand in IT outsourcing from them. In addition, there are numerous IT training being held at the Belarusian administrative centers.

Affordable prices

Workers in Belarus have been found to offer their services at reasonable and workable rates. With this, they keep a profitable relationship with their clients and enjoy constant professional cooperation. The average rate of a local IT expert in Belarus is significantly lower than that of similar individuals with the same qualification in other climes.

Proficient level of Self-management

Putting out your work to remote experts comes with its risks for an entrepreneur, and this is because gaining complete control over your work being done in a distant place isn’t feasible. This becomes even more challenging when you have no manager to coordinate and monitor the works done by the remote team experts. But for good reasons, Belarus has attained effectiveness in this area. It is scarce to find companies in Belarus where employees are only seen working when the opportunity presents itself. This is to say that Belarus has IT companies with a constant workflow that is so reliable for outsourcing your projects.

Convenient time zone

Belarus is located within the GMT+3 time zone, making it convenient for clients to connect without any hassles.

Between Belarusian and Ukrainian IT markets

Regarding striking Western clients’ deals, Belarus and Ukraine constantly compete with each other. However, let’s compare the IT market of both countries.

Available experts

Currently, there are more qualified specialists in the Belarus IT market than in the Ukrainian IT market.

Price rate

Averagely, the price rates are similar for both Belarusian and Ukrainian IT markets.