Choosing a Polish City for Software Development.

Naturally, further investigation will be needed before you decide on an outsourcing region, however, we have summarized the most important features of these IT hubs.


There are around 85,800 IT professionals in the capital. While there is plenty of talent, the competition is also significantly higher. Due to this, Warsaw was ranked 2nd for its availability of IT specialists.

The city has the highest number of ICT graduates so it’s an ideal location for finding new talent. 40% of the clients are from the US. The transportation system is fantastic, especially the trains, and there is no shortage of office space.


Wroclaw has a solid talent pool of almost 45,000 qualified developers. Aside from this, Wroclaw has a sterling reputation for its cooperation with local authorities and universities. It’s easy to find office space too. 34% of the clients are from the US. It’s also a popular city for clients from other Polish cities, Switzerland, France and the UK.


Between Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot there are 23,000 software developers. This area has experienced massive growth over the last couple of years. There are more offices available here than anywhere else in Poland. 38% of the clients are from the US, however, Tri-city is also the most popular IT hub for clients from the Nordic countries (17%) due to the proximity.


Although the smallest city of the five IT hubs, there are still 15,000 IT developers. This area is the most popular for clients from Poland (19%) but there are also many German clients with 24%. With just over 20 IT companies, this IT hub would be ideal for startups and companies on a smaller scale.


Krakow stole the first spot for tech talent availability. There are over 60,600 IT specialists but less IT companies than in Warsaw, meaning less competition. 32% of clients are from the US and 15% are from the UK.

Krakow is known as one of the best cities for startups and scale-ups in Europe, with more than 200 startups. These big names include Brainly, Callpage, and Elmodis.

The statistics say it all. The last decade has seen tremendous growth in IT outsourcing in Poland. The levels of skill, education and language abilities added to the ideal location of Poland, has made the country a solid and wise choice for IT outsourcing.