IT sectors worldwide are increasing daily but not a single one of them is increasing like Ukraine. The Ukrainian IT sector is increasing with the speed of light and it is the fourth worldwide supplier of tech talent to the world. Outsourcing remains the main reason for this growth.

Ukraine may be fourth worldwide but it is in the first place in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to popular outsourcing locations. IT specialists in Ukraine have a lot of market solutions and are also diverse, with a lot of skills and experience.

Companies from all over the world hire Ukrainian teams to do their projects all the time. What do companies want in the first place? Big companies that come from North America or Western Europe usually want to be confident and they want to know that the team they hired is skilled and experienced.

Outsourcing IT projects to Ukraine:Benefits

185,000 IT specialists with tons of experience. The Ukrainian specialists are proficient in Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

67,000 front- end specialists

There are no language barrier problems because 80 percent of developers speak, write and understand English.

36,000 new IT specialist every year

Ukraine is now the main home to over 110 R&D centers for multinational tech giants.

Ukraine has an amazing tech community. A lot of events and conferences happen throughout the year and there are about 7,000 developers at each. A lot of developers fly to the United States, Europe, and Russia to attend some more and to learn new things.

Outsourcing is cost-effective and at the same time delivers quality. Their price range is from 25 dollars to 50 dollars per hour unlike The United States and Western Europe that cashes 100 dollars per hour. This is a good strategic choice from the Ukrainian teams and this is why they will outsource for a long time.

The reason why there are over 110 R&D centers is simple. The strong work ethic provided by the Ukrainians. They are not so different from their Western Europe and USA colleagues. Developers from Ukraine care about their work relationships and they master the projects assigned to them. They also want to work with their clients directly to avoid misunderstanding and they evolve by listening to other opinions and critiques.

Unfortunately, the positive environment was absent in the past but fortunately, this is not the case anymore. This country now has the best environment for business equally positive and ready for improvement.

A lot of new reforms encourage entrepreneurs and companies to outsource there because after all, this is a good way to improve the economy. Taxes reduced, hiring new staff is increasing daily and the Strategic Action Plan 2020 removed over 450 outdated laws.

The startup community becomes stronger as days pass by. This means that Ukraine has a strong startup community and due to the concessive circumstances there are over 4200 startups in Ukraine. Angel investors and VCs are also growing and making investments, plus nearby countries also emerge. It is known that Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is now a major tech hub. To put it differently, startups are really important for Ukraine and bring additional positivity to those that want to outsource there.

Innovation is something that other developers fail to deliver. Developers in Ukraine, unlike other countries, are extremely innovative. Not only they deliver their projects on time but they are also familiar with all the programming languages and are trained to overcome even the most difficult challenge.

A quick look into Ukraine’s IT outsourcing industry 2019

3D printing, AR/VR, applications, new systems, building something from nothing or even Blockchain are a couple of things that Ukrainians do without a flaw. Outsourcing is popular here because developers are dedicated, work hard and are experienced about things even without a single project.

2019 delivered over 1,000 companies that are software and engineering related. Around the country, there are thousands of developers in one or multiple offices that work hard on every project assigned to them. Technology ecosystem, the environment, R&D centers, and communities bring those benefits and help them climb to the top.