Outsourcing is the real deal lately and it has spread to almost everybusiness ranging from HR to customer services to IT operations. The globaloutsourcing industry is a strong and vast one, raking in around $100 billionannually. The conventional software development outsourcing has now become sorampant that the only factors that companies who want to outsource nowseriously consider are dependability of the provider and cost. This complacencymight lead to trouble because developing a software, especially a complex one,is not just all about hiring a seemingly reputable developer at a cheap, farawaylocation. There are a lot of other things to be put into consideration whilethe knowledge of certain concepts will help companies in their decision makingso that they can get software that is of high quality and also durable.

The More Typical SoftwareOutsourcing Scenarios

Different organizations have peculiar requirements because theiroperations are different from one another and even in cases where there aresimilarities in operations, the mode of carrying out these operations are notexactly the same. This is why custom software development is very important.Custom software is built based on the specific needs of the particularorganization.

Furthermore, a company’s decision on whether to hire an outsourcingcompany will depend on the level of trust they have in outsourcing generallyand whether they can adequately take care of their own software developmentrequirements.

If we put all these factors together, we can classify them all intothree broad categories, or scenarios. If you can understand these scenarios youwill realize that a lot of the things you fuss about, such as projectportfolios, case studies and friendly referrals, might not be necessary at all.

Low-Level Software Outsourcing

Some companies will decide to outsource not because they do not havecapable internal team that can see to it. But because they believe that moreserious development is better done by themselves while they outsource the minorones like bug-fixing and support.

Small-Time Product Outsourcing

There are several products that do not require a high degree ofsophistication. Most of the mobile apps that are outsourced today are actuallysimple things that do not need much expertise to build. All that is needed isjust to get a trusted custom software developer who produce at very cheapprices.

Full-Value Product Outsourcing

A lot of companies usually need complex software to perform theiroperations and might need to outsource because they do not have in-house techexperts who can satisfy their software development requirements. It isimportant to be careful in choosing an outsourcing partner.

Here is a list of things to look out for when looking for an outsourcing partner

  • The outsourcing company must behighly experienced. They must have handled similar cases in the past. Youshould ask for case studies and examine them to see if they meet up to thestandard you want.
  • They must have an expert business analysisteam.
  • In addition, they should offerproduct development consultancy services.
  • The company must be well-structured.Try to speak with their team leads and Scrum masters.
  • Their staff must be highlyknowledgeable and competent.
  • They should have relationships withsome other major organizations.
  • Also, you should try to see evidenceof their expertise in software product development and especially outsourcedcustom software development.

We strongly believe that the above tips can help you in your endeavor of finding a professional outsourcing partner.