Believe it or not, for about 75 percent of websites watched over by the worldwide web technology surveys use PHP as back-end. What if I tell you that Facebook, Wikipedia, and Flickr were also built by using the PHP? Also, it is important to mention that if you need your own website it might require the oldest server-side programming language.

If you come from the United States or Western Europe, the countries which hold significantly high developer rates, you might consider outsourcing your project. Is this a good idea? Is it smart to outsource PHP development? Is it important which company will have that privilege do to it for you? Should it be offshore or nearshore? Let me help you a little bit by answering these questions for you.

Statistics do not lie. Numbers and facts are the only things people take into consideration before making an important decision. This is the reason why we are putting stats first. I will start with the revenue which comes from the Global IT outsourcing market. In 2018 it was equal to believe it or not 62 billion dollars. Next, 49 percent declare that companies outsource development because they want to free up resources for managing additional business activities. Due to the reduction in price, about 44 percent of the companies which come from the United States outsource to near or offshore companies. The main factor when choosing an outsourcing partner is service reliability, according to 56 percent while 88 percent state that communication is the main thing for prosperous collaboration with an outsourcing associate.

The best countries for PHP Outsourcing

Howmany PHP developers are there? Well, this question, unfortunately, has noanswer because the estimation is really hard. Different numbers pop out eachtime but it is believed that there are around 5 million globally. Businessestend to outsource in order to reduce costs and this is why a lot of peoplechoose near or offshore companies. The local companies are often too expensivedespite being at the same quality level.

For example, software developers that come from the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark or Sweden get over 100,000 dollars in salary. Different from them, software developers that come from Ukraine, Poland, Greece, France, Austria or Slovenia receive under 90 000 dollars even dough they offer equal or better service.

In brief, Eastern European developers hold the best quality title when it comes to PHP development outsourcing.

When deciding between Indian, Chinese, Latin American and Eastern Europeans, make sure to find out about the hourly rate and choose the price that fits you the most. Of course, you can end up with the lowest quality while choosing the lowest price, so sharpen your eye and require portfolios and proofs. The cultural difference is often point overlooked and that is a mistake. You shouldn’t allow miscommunication to knock on your doorstep at any price. Time zone follows and if you consider yourself as someone who frequently wants to keep in touch with associates, then choose a PHP team that is going to fit your needs and your schedule.

Is Ukraine one of the best options?

Apparently, Yes. Ukraine has risen from the ashes and slowly but surely becomes a star in the IT sector. Ukrainian companies are on the list of being the top outsourcing companies and people all over the world consider this destination as final when it comes to tech services. Why?

First, they have over 200,000 developers, 13 percent of them are PHP developers and 19 percent of them have over seven years of experience. All this equals to the qualified labor force. Second, you get quality and you get a low price for that quality at the same time. Third, the chances of miscommunication due to time zone differences are pretty low because they speak English very well and the cultural differences are not noticeable.