A Dedicated team is a business model used in the development of apps and webs. In this model, you will find the client, the outsourcing company and a team of developers and testers. The role of the outsourcing company is to find the right to complete the task of the client.

This model, known as ‘personnel assignment’, is suitable for projects where the needs are not totally clear or they will change over the long-term. It is common for a client to select this option when their own team doesn’t have the necessary abilities. The principal objective is for the dedicated team to smoothly integrate with the client’s team in order to deliver the highest possible solutions to a particular project.

Dedicated Team Model- What isit?

The name says it all really- it is a remote dedicated team that will work on a specific task or project. The team will have its own management and structure. This team will work full-time and solely on a particular project, reporting directly to the client.

The role of the outsourcing company is to provide a recruitment service, to take away the hassle of paperwork and to provide support with resources so that the team can carry out the project. It is an important role in terms of facilitating organization.

Unlike other models, in the dedicated team model, the client will have a more active part. They will have contact with the team and follow the daily progress as well as the overall progress. It reduces any lack of communication, which is important if the project is likely to change. The idea is to emphasis focus and as a result, speed up and improve the quality of the project.

How does it function?

It is easy to explain through several steps:

  • The client provides a clear picture of what they want to achieve, the number of staff needed and the skill sets that will be required.
  • The outsourcing company provides a dedicated team to fulfill the needs of the client. The team and client meet in order to set workloads and deadlines.
  • Qualified talent is brought into the team and the work begins.
  • The dedicated team lays its focus on completing the project to the highest standard while the client maintains management of the project.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Team

Economic Reasons

It might feel like you are going to have to spend extra money on paying the outsourcing company but think about the cost of preparing your own team.

Your current employees are probably busy with their current workload they aren’t going to have the necessary time to work on the new project. If they don’t have the necessary skills you will need to find the time and resources to train them. Do you have someone who can train your staff or are you going to have to go through the recruitment process? In the fast-paced software industry, do you really have time to prepare your staff?

A dedicated team is ready and waiting for you. The time, effort and money you save can be invested in other areas of your business.

DT Model Offers Task Focus and Adaptability

A dedicated team that joins your project is only focused on your project and won’t be distracted by unrelated tasks. Fewer distractions meanwhile focusing on only one thing, the team is more likely to come up with a wider range of original ideas to potential issues.

While there are no other unrelated tasks, the team is able to adapt to the changing needs of a project without having to consider the timetable or deadlines of other projects.

Many aspects of the project are time-sensitive, for example, market performance or budget restrictions. Again, a dedicated team is on hand to make these aspects easier to handle.

There Is A Higher Level of Control

Not all models allow for the client to be involved with the running of the project. With this model, the client still has all of the control over the team, the structure of the team and the resources being used.

DT Provides a Fast-Paced Development Cycle

Having a team that is 100% focused and you can still control will speed up the progression of the project. To speed things up further, you can use the DevOps approach. This will better organize tasks and also automate tasks that are mainly routine, freeing up time for the more complex work.

You can see how a dedicated team will speed up your process, even if the project is continuously changing, which is normal in the fast world of software development.

It Promotes Collaboration

One of the ideas of a dedicated team is that closes the gap between the client and the team as well as increasing collaboration between the actual team members. When a team works closely together, they develop more of personal investment in the project. This makes things like brainstorming and problem solving more effective.

Integration for the Long-Term

With regards to software development, it is rare that a project is ever completely finished as it is something that evolves over time. New features will be added or updates are performed. Your dedicated team can be kept together in order to integrate new features or it can be adjusted to support the new needs of the project.