If you need a website or a web application to be developed, but you don’t have an in-house IT team, outsourcing is the best solution. By outsourcing software development you can have all the expertise, resources, and tech functionalities, without the high cost of having your own team and facilities. With the globalization and the rise of remote work, when searching to outsource software development, you don’t have to limit yourself locally. There are several spots around the world that are becoming trendy as they provide high-quality tech services at a great price. One of them is Minks, Belarus – read on to find out why it is one of the top destinations for IT outsourcing. 

Why Belarus is a top IT destination for IT outsourcing? 

Located in Eastern Europe and within 1-2 hours of most European capitals, Belarus offers easy access to all major cities. This makes it easier in terms of communication and transportation, and considered with the other factors listed below, it is easy to see why Belarus is emerging as a top IT destination. 

Low cost of development

A software project might come in quite costly and the final price will widely depend on the size, model, and complexity of the project. But considering that the price for development in Belarus is one of the cheapest in Easter Europe, and substantially lower than Western Europe or North America, it is worth it considering outsourcing your IT project to Belarus. As for the quality of development, it is absolutely comparable so you can have your software product at the best price, without risking a lower quality. 

Similar timezone to major European cities

As there is little to no time difference between Belarus and major Western European cities – the maximum is 3 hours of difference, if you are EU based, you can easily work or even meet with the team without much of a hassle. If you are US based, you can still work pretty well and easily meet with the team online. 

Highly skilled professionals 

Eastern Europe is becoming a hotspot for IT talent, and Belarus is no exception. You will find plenty of highly skilled, well-trained, experienced, and motivated IT professionals that will offer high-quality services at a much lower cost you will get otherwise. 

Lack of language barrier 

Eastern European IT professionals are fluent in English so you don’t risk getting lost in translation. English is well-spoken and a common language and most likely you will have no problems communicating your product goals, requirements, and needs. And as Belarus is quite close to other parts of Europe, there is no significant cultural difference to the Western world. 

What are the IT trends in Belarus

Some of the IT trends on the rise in Belarus include IoT and Smart Home Tech, machine learning, and automation. And with the special government support towards the software industry, it is easy to see why Belarus is one of the top IT destinations.