In the last couple of years, Ukraine has established itself as one of the greatest IT outsourcing countries in Europe but also all around the world.

Find more details about Lviv, a small city in Ukraine that is the second biggest IT outsourcing city in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe. In this city, you can find hundreds of IT companies and the number is rising from year to year.

There are many reasons if you are an IT company to choose Lviv as your offshore software development center. Here are the most important ones.

Geographical and cultural proximity

Lviv has great geographical proximity because is based near the EU’s borders. Of all the IT hubs that are in Ukraine, Lviv is the closest. With a plane, you can be in Berlin or in Barcelona for a few hours.

The time zone in Lviv is 7 hours ahead of the US East Coast and a couple of hours ahead of the European Union. This means that cooperation and communication with the local developers will be pretty agreeable. Another thing we can say is that there are small differences in the mentality and in the culture which is a big plus.

Skilled tech talents

One research showed that the number of IT experts who are working in Lviv has grown by more than 20.000 people and the market by more than 80%. The city’s IT workforce is growing because there are more universities, academies, and courses for graduates. Also, there is a lot of migration from other cities of Ukraine.

Cost efficiency

Lviv is the cheapest option if you want to outsource your whole IT project to a third-party company. For example outsourcing in Poland, or in other countries in Europe will cost you 40-60% more.

The work rate of an average software developer in Lviv is between 25$ and 50$ per hour. The sum can variate depending on the knowledge and the experience of the developer. Basically, with the same money, you can hire professionals with more knowledge and experience in Lviv than developers from Germany, Poland, or even any other US city.

Local community and IT-friendly environment

Lviv community shows that the city is technology-friendly, it has a lot of educational platforms, is making research, and conducts a lot of projects.

There are also a lot of events and conferences where IT companies are gathered. They exchange experiences and knowledge through hackathons and other types of events.

IT-related education

Lviv is becoming more and more attractive for students from all over Ukraine. It has a lot of universities that provide a great education. Every year in Lviv graduate more than 4000 new young IT experts. Apart from the universities, there are also many courses that are conducted to train more IT experts in different IT areas.


This small city in Ukraine with a geographical position near the EU’s border is one of the most important IT hubs in the country. In other words, Lviv is the perfect outsourcing city for your IT project.