The newest report about the ITindustry in Kharkiv is here. Pricewaterhouse and IRS-group delivered the neededinformation about everything that is going on over there. According to them,over 7800 specialists were involved in the poll, and nine proficient managersgave the interview.

Unfortunately, Kyiv is still inthe top position. Kharkiv takes over second place with 480 service and productcompanies and with over 31000 employees. It is interesting how extra-small,small, medium, and big companies continue to evolve and exist in the same area.It is essential to mention that small companies still dominate, but there is asignificant rise in the large company amount as well.

The report estimates that the ITindustry here has 24 percent growth, followed by 962 million dollars.

Companies from the USA and theEuropean Union are the markets which usually use their services. The reportshows 74 percent of USA customers and 19 percent of European customers. Themarket offers different solutions for e-commerce, gaming, banking, financemedicine, automotive, manufacturing, and many more. In short words, the mostpopular tech fields in the world happen here.

The IT specialists over theretake around 2050 dollars a month. The report also gave the tax numberscompanies paid in the previous year. 6,4 billion dollars were provided forstate taxes.

Businesses all over the worldchoose Kharkiv companies because they employ specialists with proper education.Those same specialists give more development opportunities and have multiplecultural advantages.

  • Top five technologies used there are: SQL,JavaScript, Java, C# and C++
  • The high banks are: PrivatBank, UkrsibBank,Monobank, PUMB, and Alfabank
  • The top telecoms are Vodafone, Kyivstar andLifecell

There are two disadvantages. Thefirst one is the lack of commercial property, while the other is the low numberof young specialists. This deficiency is the main reason why their educationalprograms are so developed.

In short, Kharkiv is fantasticfor technological development, and it is a central location in Ukraine.