Outsourcing software development is a common phenomenon with many companies, with one of the incredible places to do this being Eastern Europe. With numerous tech experts, Eastern Europe has proven to house the countries termed as ‘best’ tech hubs for software development.

How does Eastern European tech impart on your business?

Reserve of talents

While other countries such as the United States of America have been experiencing a scarcity of software developers, Eastern Europe seems to be doing so well as a tech hub with a vast pool of talents. In 2021, more than a million people were accounted for in the prominent tech hubs in Eastern Europe, and this is in contrast to more than 800000 vacant software development spaces in the US.

Balance in quality and cost

Most of the time, extremely competent software developers usually sought after, tend to offer expensive services. This is why heads of companies do outsourcing to countries with lower costs. However, leaders who have gained knowledge and experience over time have learned how to engage in long term relationships with Eastern European vendors who, although they offer a bit costly services, would guarantee you a high-end product with excellent quality

Excel at Engineering

It is general knowledge that software engineers in Eastern Europe are brilliant, which is not far-fetched. Their political history has forced their citizens into doing everything they can to survive. This way, the citizens have acquired excellent problem-solving skills, which they also reflect as software engineers

The best IT tech hubs to look out for in 2022 includes:

Ukraine – Ranks as the most prominent tech hub in Eastern Europe, serving as a home to over 200000 software developers and serving as an excellent startup environment for tech.

The Czech Republic–  With its consistent dedication to research and development, its IT industry is budding and doing exceptionally well at growing.

Hungary–  A leading outsourcing country in Eastern Europe with a high rate of IT exports and annual growth of IT graduates.

Serbia – Owing to the increase in the number of IT graduates from their institutions and the well-rounded expertise of the workforce it possesses in the IT world, Serbia has maintained a good stance in the IT world as a prominent tech hub.

Romania – In addition to the STEM education system, English proficiency and well-proportioned software developer hourly rates brought Romania to the limelight as one of the tech hubs in Eastern Europe.

Lithuania- With a rapid transformation in recent times of their IT sector, Lithuania is on the path to blazing the trail in being an excellent tech hub for outsourcing of software.

Latvia-  With the adequate infrastructure in place, Latvia is taking leaps towards being on the top of the list of Eastern European countries with software development outsourcing

Moldova- Although still on its way to being competitive in software development outsourcing services, Moldova has made commendable progress so far with an increase in its IT exports for the past five years.