Project outsourcing has been a prominent and rewarding decision made by various IT organization to provide a quick solution to problem combating the company. IT companies were able to solve the problem of the labor pool, employee’s recruits, and staff structuring in the course of executing a project. They were able to do so by hiring a group of professional’s team who through experience and a good level of expertise proffer a standalone solution to the challenge of product quality, employees recruitment, productivity, meeting up with deadlines of the client without compromise to the nature of company’s products and services.

Baltic countries such as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania partnered with the IT companies at a very early stage and impressive results have been achieved upon time. They were able to achieve these results through project outsourcing. This has caused no small stir among the IT companies that desire results in a relatively short time.

Particularities of The Baltic IT Outsourcing Market On the European Global Arena

The economic stability experienced lately by the Eastern European (Baltic) region gave birth to the increased demand for online sales and software developing outsourcing services. In a bid to enhance further IT growth within this region, the three countries through training of its citizens especially in global languages have become one of the most profitable regions for investors to establish IT industries. These countries adopted the prominent European tongue right from Pre-school which makes English speaking a thing of convenience to its citizens. Therefore, seeking international outsourcing company services is a thing of ease as there were no language differences.

The advent of computer programming and web engineering brought great gain to the Baltic countries as these countries begin to engage IT experts to develop software, games, mobile applications, and to render online services to its neighboring countries. This movement attracted a good number of IT companies from Western Europe and the USA to seek outsourcing services from the Baltic.

IT Outsourcing in Lithuania

Lithuania, one of the three Baltic countries is a leading IT outsourcing sector among the rest. This is due to the level of IT experts in the region and the increasing number of outsourcing centers. Lithuania is the most economically stable country in the Baltic which has drawn the attention of various multinational IT companies to a partnership with its outsourcing sector.

The western IT companies prefer to relocate to the Baltic (especially Lithuania) where most of their IT demand would be met while also saving a whole lot of cost. The reason for this may be due to the numerous benefits derived in the process of outsourcing to this region. These benefits are:

Reduced cost of establishment: it does not cost you so much as compared to hiring from other locations worldwide.

Good labor power: getting the all-around IT experts for all IT niche is one of the challenges faced by IT companies. But in Lithuania, you have access to hire from the numerous group of experts.

Improved project support: the outsourcing centers in Lithuania focuses on improving products quality and am sure this is what you desire for your products.

Government Support for IT in Lithuania

The government agencies in Lithuania has remarkably supported the IT companies through adequate funding and regulation of the relationship between the outsourcers and investors. This has allowed a good level of flexibility such that the client can work directly with the outsourcers while the outsourcers select qualified and skillful experts to do the job.

IT outsourcing in Latvia

Latvia is a country strategically located between Lithuania and Estonia where outsourcers derive pleasure in providing services to Multilanguage clients. Experts from various locations find it a good place of opportunity to meet with investors as well as international IT hub across the Baltic.

IT outsourcing in Estonia

Estonia is the smallest of the three Baltic countries, yet it is expected to be the most advanced and successful in the area of outsourcing services. This is due to the fact that the IT companies in Estonia get professional service request on a regular basis from client and investors across the globe. Estonia, though small, contains the most outsourcing call centers often depended upon by foreign investors.

What helped develop IT in Estonia?

Estonia was able to succeed on the platform of government support to the IT sector through numerous grants to IT start-up. This enables Estonia to attract foreign investors and experts from all over the world following the good working conditions and government support provided for investors.