IT growth is one of the major influencers of the economy. Poland has continued to experience great technological improvements as it has the manpower and is, therefore, attracting several IT companies to come to open up branches in the area. Poland’s manpower is educated but some of the people lack jobs making it a viable option for IT companies. Well educated people are easy to train and handle. They are also willing to work since they have got needs to be met.

            Thegood thing about IT is that you can work online without having to shift toother areas. This makes the job interesting and coding is also a new thinghence, many people are willing to learn. Some of the companies that have openedup offices in Poland include Google and IBM. Google already has a campus inplace and as one of the leading companies in the world, it is slowlyinfluencing the young generation to dive into IT as a career.

Poland also provides a good network system through the roads, air travel, and even communication. For some countries which are not easily accessible, the multinational companies may not find them interesting as they do not offer the needed opportunities for growth. For a country to attract a huge base of entrepreneurs it needs to have a high population of well-educated people and with a high income. Education will make them legible to work in new companies and learn new things. While income gives the potential to buy whatever it is the new company is introducing. A good road network and communication system are also needed to make easy the movement of the new company officials.

           Poland is equally well developed and an attractive site to investors. The fact that it lies in Europe gives it an added advantage since technological companies want to spread everywhere. Poland is also close to Germany, and therefore, the investors may want to start up an IT company in Poland but with the aim of reaching out to Germany too. Investing in Germany could be quite expensive as it is already fully developed.

Poland is also attractive to investors due to its global strategy to help solve the financial crisis, and hence, making it look stable to those who are interested. Investors want to be sure of where they are placing their money and if it will bring them returns. An unstable economy will bring in a few investors as they are afraid of losses.

           Poland is also worth investing in due to the rapid growth of the market and an increase in domestic demand. As the population increases so does the demand for the goods. Diversity due to interaction with different cultures also has the people ready to sample whatever may come up. The population of Poland is also in the middle or high-income earners, and hence, can afford whatever goods are brought to them. For those who are unemployed jobs will be created by the upcoming companies and they will get the income. The population of the unemployed is also very low in Poland.