The development of IT infrastructure and facilities in Ukraine comes as a result of the expansion of the IT industry in the last years. The IT Ukraine Report says that the IT market in the country is growing at an impressive rate of 26%. Ukraine has the ability to boast more than 1,6K IT companies and more than 4K tech companies. But IT companies have increased not only in number but in size as well, creating a need for office spaces with robust tech infrastructure and this will attract even more talented people in the market.

Infrastructure for convenient business travel

Ukrainian IT outsourcing firms collaborate with a lot of companies from around the world.  Ukraine’s position as a global outsourcing destination has grown constantly starting with 2009. In ten years, Ukraine became the top 20th outsourcing destination, says A.T. Kearney.

The favorable geographical position is one of the reasons for their success: it is easy to reach from key global business hubs. Even more important – the majority of countries don’t need visas to go to Ukraine.

Tourism helps the economy significantly so the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) is very well developed.

IT clusters

Infrastructure in big IT Cities such as Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Dnipro, is developing very fast. Having software developers moving there and their high purchasing capacities, the real estate market has risen in recent years.

IT parks and centers

Innovation District IT Park

It’s a projectinitiated by the Lviv IT cluster – the Innovation District IT Park and is thelargest from Western Ukraine. This project is very complex and many differentaspects were taken into consideration. For example, DTZ (real estate company)surveyed 35 biggest Lviv IT companies and decided what they would like to seeat IT Park.

IT Village

The project is locatedin Lviv. It wants to be a new complex for IT professionals and a community ofpeople with similar interests. As reported by Lviv IT Cluster, the complex of17 hectares in total and will have 133 different houses. The project should bedone by 2022. The living space will have 5 different types of houses so the futureresidents can choose which corresponds best to their needs. 

UNIT. City

It is the first innovation park and is based in Kyiv. The capital has a very well developed infrastructure, so is not really a surprise that these types of projects are started there. The park occupies a territory of 25 hectares and for now is the house of 108 resident companies with 4 R&D laboratories, 3K students of UNIT Factory IT-School. By 2025, they want to provide 15K tech jobs, 300+ companies, and R&D laboratories.


The builders of the UNIT.City decided to start a similar project in Lviv. This park will occupy a territory of 1,77 hectares, and the total space of the office will be more than 60,000 m2. The complex will have offices, co-working, creative spaces, gyms, and leisure rooms.