The demand for IoT developers is continuously rising due to the increasing number of connected devices and smart homes on the horizon. The number of connected devices at present exceeds 23 billion and the global spending on IoT was over $ 1.68 trillion; back in 2017.

More than 2,888 companies engage more than 342,000 IoT developers. Despite these big numbers, there are still 500,000 vacancies. The result is an increased demand for low- level languages experts. Low-level languages include C and C++ while high-level languages include JavaScript, Java, Python, and Node. JS. This demand results in an increase in salaries.

Ukraine’s IoT developers

There are more than 160,000 software engineering specialists in Ukraine. Ukraine is the first worldwide in the number of C++ developers it has. C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and .NET are the most popular technologies in Ukraine. The software engineers in Ukraine have hands-on experience with IoT projects and embedded software, thanks to the presence of a variety of IoT oriented hubs, schools, and labs. Many IoT related companies either collaborated with Ukrainian developers or were born in Ukraine. These companies include:

•    Lametric – this company deals with smart clocks.

•    Petcube – This company that deals with cams to watch and interact with your pets while you’re away from home.

•    Cybergrow – It deals with smart greenhouse systems.

•    Blink – a company about mobile apps for IoT development kits.

•    Senstone – a company that produces wearable devices for making notes via voice.

•    Cardiomo – this company deals with wearable health monitoring ecosystems.

•    Ecoisme – the company produces gadgets for collecting data on energy consumption.

•    Hideez – this company produces Bluetooth-enabled keys to store and generate password and unlock doors and devices.

•    SolargGaps – a company that deals with window blinds accumulating solar power and a mobile app for them.

High-tech Apps build by Ukrainians

1.   Cagro system

It is a global connectivity solutions leader in building wireless communication systems for motorcyclists. It developed a Bluetooth communication system for motorcyclists helmets which enables riders to be in constant connectivity through a virtual network; the first of its own kind worldwide. This creation is available in more than 80 countries.

It cooperated with N-IX’ an outsourcing partner, in performing functional and regression testing, hardware to hardware testing, integration testing and hardware to software testing on a variety of connectivity solutions for motorcyclists.

2.   ANOTO

They deal with digital writing and their main product is the Anoto Digital Pen. This pen is a combination of an ordinary ink pen and a digital camera which whose primary function is to record everything written using the pen digitally. As a result, every text that is handwritten using that pen can be transmitted into a digital format in a fast and reliable way. This pen is used in many sectors, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and education, among others. It works in collaboration with N-iX as an outsourcing partner.


It’s a broadcasting network that deals with real-time video broadcast and audio communication using fiber-transport for all kinds of signals.  It works with N-iX in software and hardware development.


It is a global manufacturer and supplier which produces innovative outdoor access control products for gates and fencing hardware including locks, hinges, gate closers, keeps and ate catchers among others. It partners with N-iX in developing automatic gate openers to ensure easy yet controlled access to premises.


It is an industrial automation development that produces products which enable maintenance technicians to achieve the best performance from the equipment and assets they run. They can be operated on a mobile device. They are used in a wide range of sectors and are designed for business cases when downtime is critical. They work in collaboration with N-iX.


It is an early stage consumer electronics IoT startup which develops nutritional concepts that enable people to live healthier and better lives. Their scope entails mechanical design, electrical engineering, firmware and web/cloud development for end-user mobile apps.


It is a German-based sports tech startup which uses mobile apps, sensors and integrated data analysis to monitor and improve the health of horses 24/7. The app translates exercise, sleep and behavior patterns of horses into insights that can be acted upon.

IoT developers from Ukraine have the qualifications, programming background and excellent track record, which is crucial in the success of any startup or established company. They are great to have as partners as they unlock the potential of groundbreaking ideas.