Websites nowadays are very popular and one business cannotthrive without the presence of them. They inform and give a closer look at theproduct people sell just by clicking, reading or zooming on pictures orsentences. They are indeed useful as can be seen from multiple examples butthere is one inquiry that puts everything in question. Are websites enough forthe customers? Not so much.

Surprisingly, at times people are not satisfied and websites donot fulfill their needs nor provide details about the business they search.Where is the problem?

Some consider, the problem lies in mobile devices. More and more people daily ditch their computers and buy smartphones. Is this situation a problem? No, the switching is not a problem at all because there are tons of applications that equally give information about anything one person needs. Conclusion? Custom made application!

Panic usually starts to appear right after hearing the words application, software, developer but if the research is done properly, there is no need for panicking. Hunting down developers can be stressful, but only if the recruiting process is not done correctly.

This article will help anyone looking to hire an app developer. A full description of the process of looking and hiring a mobile application development company follows, so, better start taking notes.

First things first. There is no need to start searching for developers if you haven’t made the most important decision yet. The type of application you want to develop. You have to make a decision about the software you want your application to be available for. You have IOS on one hand, which according to statistics brings twice more than Android, and you have Android on the other hand which according to statistics owns 80 percent of the global market. Of course, there is a third option, make your application available for both of them! To put it differently, here are the pros and cons of both of them:

iOS pros: determined user base, outstanding e-commerce results, sky-high application revenue, compatible with every Apple device, resistant to bugs.

 iOS cons: small scale market share

Android pros: larger market share, large demographics, uncomplicated publication procedure, large ad revenue, fit for multiple different gadgets, low on requirements when it comes do development, Google Play gives inexpensive featuring.

Android cons: a lot of bugs, the extended development process.

Equally important is the fact that there is an option that allows cross-platform development. Rhodes, PhoneGap, Titanium, and Corona offer development that will allow the application to run on BlackBerry, Windows, Android, and iPhone at the same time but under those circumstances, the application is very limited. I am not saying a big no to the option, the option is great but only when it comes to small applications. The outcome is otherwise horrible because it does not support heavy databases and intense calculating procedures.

Correspondingly, there is no ideal solution when it comes to cross-platform. Under those circumstances, an application that will work well on two different platforms will be created forthwith poor design and functionality.

Functionality is a key point when it comes to your application and this is the second step which you have to take your time with and consider the following things below:

  1. Design UI/UX – or the interface. Understand that you win big time if your application is suitable for your users
  2. Users do not like to wait so if you want them happy, allow them unlimited access to speed and data transmission
  3. Security is the point often overlooked despite being one of the most important. Have a discussion with your managers and decide on the personal requirements your application is going to make
  4. To improve yourself and your application implement systems that will give you proper analytics.
  5. Build well-ordered social media pages. Social media is important because it grows your customer base daily
  6. Support and update your application on a daily basis so it will become long-standing

There are seven billion people on this planet and with the rise of technology; it is proved that every single country owns different types of freelance application developers. Wonder which are the best ones? For now, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia- Pacific.

  • North America holds the throne right now when it comes to technical expertise, management and for these reasons for the price as well. When it comes to the price, the start is 100 dollars to 150 dollars per hour. It depends on the requirements the clients have, the location and the level of professionalism
  • Second, comes Western Europe and honestly, they are not so different. The price is the only thing that separates North America and Western Europe while the quality is the same. The leaders here are Great Britain and Germany, and their rate starts with 40 dollars and goes up to 75 dollars per hour
  • In third place is Eastern Europe and countries like Romania, Poland and Ukraine are the leaders moreover the most desired IT specialist in the globe. IT specialists there know their job, are proficient in English and have a stable economic situation
  • Asia- Pacific region, or to be more precise the IT developers that come from India and China are the workers with the lowest rates, however, they lack the expertise I must admit. You should not hire people that come from there because the result is obvious. They are not able to give you a good product

It must be remembered that time zones and communication are the other two very important points that should not be forgotten. A lot of unwanted expenses may come out of different time zone collaborations. Note that the English language is also a must

Pros and Cons of Obtaining Mobile Application development.


  • The price. Hire and work for a team from Ukraine. Why? The quality is the same as it is in the United States while the only thing different is the standard of living;
  • No need for HR. You have an agency that will do the work for you. You should focus on something else;
  • A field full of developers. You have millions of countries that offer quality freelance developers, pick the one you like the most;
  • Control. Do a little research and then hire the right people. If you work with the right people then you will have control over everything;


  • Privacy. Generally speaking, a lot of data privacy problems appear when you work with freelancers. The risks are high but only if you are not careful enough. Data leaks can be minimized and destroyed indeed only if you hire the right person for the job;
  • Differences in time zones. This point was previously stated because can bring a lot of problems due to time zones;
  • Language. Poor English is everywhere and can cost you a lot of time and money;

Steps to find a mobile application development company that fits your needs.

  1. If you have a deficiency in IT knowledge and you have no idea from where to start, find someone that will inform you well enough to find a team that will help you build the thing you want
  2. Google. Do a little research yourself before hiring. Read each candidate portfolio several times
  3. Find some IT platforms and become a member. Read what others know and what others are saying about application developers

Pay attention to offers issued by candidates.

The companies which you will contact will give you tons of explanations and of course tons of examples. They will show you the applications they made and my advice is to download them and see how they work. If you are satisfied, then you know what to do. Pay attention to, speed, social media, ratings, reviews, functionality, bugs, and interface.

Study the team you want to hire as well. See how many people work there, how many suitable developers for your needs are present, check the project managers and the types of technologies they use, the methodology they apply and the most important of all, their previous clients. Make sure to visit their Clutch profile, a lot of useful information is attached over there that can cut you a great deal and save you a lot of time.

Make sure you answer the following questions before hiring anapplication developer:

  • Do you communicate enough and well? Regular communication is a must for a good development process and a team that is proficient in their field will always understand and apply your ideas, will call you, contact you and give you access to each and every one of their tools;
  • Is it too expensive, or too cheap? Do not forget to take into consideration everything before paying. The price depends and varies all the time.
  • Do I have a proper legal agreement? If no then get one immediately! Make sure it gives you IP ownership, schedules of payments, confidential information and deadlines and consequences. Hire a lawyer as well.

Find someone that is equally professional and suitable for your needs. Remember all the previously mentioned steps and remember that this is about you and your business.