Outsourcing has proved to be a fantastic idea because this type of development allows you to perform multiple operations, short- term and long-term with la ow disbursal.

Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania are among the most popular destinations for outsourcing because they offer low-cost and high-quality solutions. But what about Belarus? Have you considered Belarus as an option?

If not, it is time to take it into consideration. Belarus offers excellent outsourcing organizations, and it is considered as one of the top IT outsourcing places as well. Here are the reasons.

  1. Low cost – You must remember that people do not outsource due to low prices anymore. Low prices are here as a bonus for the excellent service these developers offer. Their quality is as equal as that quality that is provided in the leading countries.
  2. Time Zone – There is 3 hours maximum difference between countries. This saves a lot of time and makes the organization even more comfortable. Traveling is also not a problem due to many airports and lines.
  3. High skilled professionals – The talent over there is fantastic. Programmers here offer top- quality services and innovative solutions.
  4. Proficient in English – The language barrier does not exist here since they are skilled and well educated in the English language.
  5. Similar culture – They share the same culture and values. Mutual understanding is there, and there are no additional problems.

The IT market evolves all the time and who has the latest trends leads. The main IT trends that can be spotted in Belarus are:

  • Smart Home Tech and IoT provided by Amazon, Google, and Apple;
  • Machine Learning provided by Google;
  • Automation.

Ernst & Young, has released a report titled “The IT industry in Belarus: 2017 and Beyond” and according to the survey, there are more than 115.000 IT specialists currently employed by the industry in Belarus.

Major foreign investors in the Belarusian IT-sphere are companies from the USA, Great Britain, Israel, Germany, and Russia.
In 2019, the Belarusian IT industry more than doubled. Two of the most popular areas for investment In Minsk are game development and mobile apps.

Reach out to developers that come from Minsk; they offer knowledge like no other.