Ukraine gaming market is one of the largest gaming markets in the world which expands its gaming industry through outsourcing services and consultations.

The level of expertise displayed in Ukraine game development has attracted other nations into game business across the globe. For this reason, investors decide to come down to Ukraine in order to set up their gaming development studio while others completely depend on outsourcing game development from Ukraine.

Due to abounding advantages in partnership with Ukraine gaming industry, various game development companies from all over the world establish offices in Ukraine while leveraging on Ukraine’s wealth of experience in game development. Gameloft, a popular game development company has its office in Ukraine. The same is seen for Ubisoft and Playtech.

In addition, there have been records of exciting game developed in Ukraine by its professional developers such as games like the Warface, World of Warplanes, Cossacks, Metro, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and much more.

It is believed that the gaming industry has begun to gain wide recognition through increased market value for the past few years. This has encouraged investors to begin to consider and invest in the gaming business which further expands the gaming industry into a bigger version of itself.

Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development Compared to Setting up a Game Development Studio

The expansion of your game industry depends on the method over which you establish your company, either by outsourcing game development through a trusted body or by building your own game studio onshore (in Ukraine) or offshore (outside Ukraine).

There are various reasons why investors make this decision but either of the choices can be advantageous or turn out bad.

The primary reason for outsourcing game development is to save time and wastage of resources due to a lack of relevant knowledge associated with risk-taking in the gaming business.

When your game industry partners by outsourcing game development from professional outsourcing vendors, it will save you a lot of pain and failures. This has made investors to always seek game outsourcing development body in a place like Ukraine, where reputable and creative professionals are situated.

Building up a game development studio also depends on the level of expertise in various areas like staff management, licensing, legal, finance, HR, IT setup developer’s recruit and so on.

The only observable challenge with game outsourcing is the need to fully depend on the game outsourcing development body since they are always in charge of a complicated part of your company.

On the other hand, setting up your game development studio in Ukraine or outside Ukraine can afford you a lot of benefits as regards to company’s expansion and profit maximization. Some investors desire this mode of establishment believing that it saves cost and reduced dependency.

Minimized Risk

There can be nothing as risky as setting up a business in an unknown area. Establishing a game development industry through the building of a game studio in an unfamiliar location can attract a whole lot of risk.

Even when you decide to build up a game studio in a familiar location, you must be well acquainted with the likely challenges associated with the staff management, facility failure, constantly changing community law and policies.

Whereas, most of the aforementioned risk associated with setting up a game studio can to a great extent, be reduced through a partnership with a game outsourcing company. These companies have professionals trained to effectively solve most of the challenges and/or problem encountered by most game industries.

They make decisions for you by managing your products, people and processes. Investors have recorded good profit maximization and reduction in cost through a partnership with a game outsourcing company.

Cost Reduction

Building a game studio anywhere (in Ukraine or elsewhere) will cost you a lot. Secondly, deficiency in knowledge of product testing, loss management, employees’ verification upon recruit can make the business undesirable.

Truly, the cost of hiring an outsourcing team could look high at the beginning but bear in mind that, this has covered all overhead charges and cost. Developers can then focus their strength and attention on the thing that matters as per the products of the industry.

A Well Structured Team

A well-structured team for game development is typified by competent and responsible individuals with the useful skills needed for the advancement of your industry.

These sets of individuals include a game producer, a game designer, artists, programmer, as well as logical personnel. These, you can easily get when you partner with game outsourcing development company.

Improved Talent Management

Most game development industries do not have the luxury of time to start searching out for candidates with the qualifications and competence to fill up position in the company. The industry depends on outsourcing vendors skillful in the area of training employees onboard to handle those specific operations.

Through quick access to employees’ data on their database, they swiftly help to meet the company need by providing effective recruitment and training both onboard and to external recruits.

Professional expertise / Staff expertise

The wealth of experience of outsourcing vendors can lead to staff expertise. Their one-time solution to problems helps staff develop a keen eye into providing solutions to challenges confronting the industry.

Ease of scaling up/down

There are cases in every establishment when scaling up or down is a necessity. This could be due to poor or increased demand for your products. Financial crisis or boom could also result in scaling up or down.

When we are faced with these, only experienced personnel can best proffer solutions. Outsourcing vendors have a pool of talented individuals who can handle increased demand without compromising the reputation of the company.

Similarly, in the case of a decline in demand, there is a need for a down cut of products at the affected department or section.

Legal aspects

Only after intensive study of the legislative system, taxation, security and employment regulations you proceed to build your game studio offshore or onshore.

This might not be the best because your partnership with outsourcing company who has an already established legal framework could save you the headache of doing it yourself.