Ukraine is one of the world’s top destinations for IT outsourcing and its capital Kyiv is the most famous city for IT outsourcing. However, with popularity comes overcrowding, and recently other, smaller Ukrainian cities are emerging in the IT market to offer some of their advantages. 

Such is the case with Dnipro – a local regional center that currently is one of the top 5 Ukrainian hot spots for IT outsourcing. 

More than 170 IT companies function in Dnipro with the number of IT employees exceeding 13,000 – about 9% of the IT specialists in Ukraine. There are international companies with offices in Dnipro – such as the giant Oracle, as well as local organizations and startups. 

The average age for developers is 27, and about one in every four IT specialists are female. The majority of IT specialists have a master’s degree and more than half of developers overall have more than two years of experience. 

IT communities and events in Dnipro

One of the most influential IT clusters in Ukraine is based in Dnipro – IT Dnipro Community. It unites 4 partners and 29 tech businesses and organizes several major IT events and educational projects. 

There are also a lot of annual tech events taking place in Dnipro. Among the most popular are ITEM – an IT conference for CEOs, Project Managers, and Program Managers; RunIT – a tech conference for IT professionals and enthusiasts; and IT Dnipro Conference – an annual event that aims towards the development of the IT industry in Dnipro. 

Over the last years, a lot of coworking spots are appearing in Dnipro which hosts various tech events, workshops, and meetups.

In summary, there are a lot of reasons to consider IT outsourcing or outstaffing in Dnipro. Among them is the availability of world-class developers, IT specialists, and other tech staff which can be hired at very attractive rates; a solid tradition in engineering and science; as well as a rapidly developing IT ecosystem and tech industry culture. In addition, being fairly close to Western Europe, you can expect a similar culture and high proficiency in English from most of the IT professionals. 

Being one of the top digital tech cities in Ukraine, Dnipro is a very attractive and yet greatly accessible market for IT outsourcing.