Ukraine is one of the leaders in the IT outsourcing market and while Kyiv is the top choice for foreign investors, Lviv is rapidly growing and emerging as a hot spot for IT outsourcing. 

There are more than 317 tech companies with giants like Siemens and Oracle present. In addition, numerous well-established on the international IT market local companies and multiple startups are the key to why the tech scene in Lviv is thriving. 

It is actually called the IT capital of Ukraine and no wonder – there is 28% annual growth in the local IT industry and 13% of all developers in Ukraine work in Lviv. 

Furthermore, 29% of tech specialists in Lviv are women – the highest in the Ukrain IT industry. 

Lviv is one of the highest-paying cities for developers in Ukraine – a software engineer on average earns $2,000/month, IT seniors earn $3,500, while project managers in Lviv make $1,350 on average per month. 

Tech communities and events in Lviv

Lviv IT Cluster is a community that includes more than 80 IT companies and is the flagship for local IT scene development and promotion. They organize different events and projects, focused on tech improvement and education. 

There are several tech events in Lviv including annual conferences Lviv IT Arena – one of the biggest tech events in Ukraine, GameDev Conference – focused on game design, programming, and market, AI & Big Data Day – a tech event exploring AI, data science, and machine learning, and Lviv Outsourcing Forum. 

In addition, there are several workspaces in Lviv that frequently host tech events, workshops, and meetups. 

So there you have it – Lviv, Ukraine, offers a powerful and well-developed IT sector and sustainable ecosystem with a thriving tech culture and plenty of events, communities, and opportunities. Enough reasons to consider IT outsourcing in Lviv for your next IT project.