It has been estimated that the Global Business Intelligence will touch 29, 48 billion dollars by 2020. Why not? The processes included change raw data received from multiple different sources and make strategic and operational business decisions out of them.

Thanks to data integration, quality, warehousing, management, content analytics, and visualization, many businesses take over the competition and remain on their number one spot for a while. Also, business technologies help companies to meet their customer demands without facing any obstacles.

The additional benefits BI software brings:

  • Rapid reporting, analysis, and planning;
  • Additional reporting, analysis, and planning;
  • More accurate business decisions;
  • Better data quality;
  • Better employee satisfaction;
  • Better operational efficiency;
  • Better customer satisfaction;
  • Enlarged competitive advantage;
  • Lower costs;
  • Bigger revenues;
  • Saved headcount.

Multiple countries offer BI outsourcing, and they are all equally good. The difference between them is small and not so visible.

Ukraine – is the home of multiple active educational STEM programs. For example, the Master’s program in Data Science gives knowledge about probabilistic analysis, data science, data visualization, data engineering for data science, machine learning, applied statistics, and many more. On the other hand, if you take a look at Lviv Ivan Franko National University, you will spot a Statistics & Data Science program. A lot of companies around the world are choosing Ukraine because it offers enormous flexibility and quality.

Poland – is the home of over 4,000 BI developers according to multiple resources. The county is known for events like Big Data Technology Summit, Big Data Tech Warsaw, Devoxx Poland, and more. Not only that but also there are many workshops around the country, IDC Business Intelligence Executive Workshop is one of them.

Hungary – is home to over 1,500 BI developers, and according to reports, the Hungarians learn new trends quickly. There are a lot of events like Budapest BI Forum where specialists gather and share opinions.

Romania – this country’s IT sector is abundant in development experts that know how to do their job correctly. It has been estimated that at the moment, over 50 companies around the world seek BI developers in this country. There are over 2000 specialists that talk about their knowledge in Big Data, BI, and SQL Server on different meetups. One of them is the Bucharest BI & SQL User Group meetups.

There are some important qualifications that your business developer should possess before hiring:

  • Knowledge in SQL, Python, Java,
  • BI tools and technologies (MS SQL, Redshift),
  • Hadoop, Spark, AWS Kinesis, Hive, Pig, Kafka,
  • Data Science for predictive analytics,
  • Microsoft and AWS for Business Intelligence,
  • Strong knowledge in Microsoft BI Stack: MS SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Tabular models, Power BI, and Master Data Management service,
  • Knowledge in sensitive data,
  • Domain knowledge.

Remember that the developer you want to hire should ultimately be capable of meeting multiple customer demands. It should offer data-driven services, Data Science, and BI development and report.

To remind you, you won’t make a mistake if you go to Eastern Europe. Besides being flexible, the BI Intelligence companies there offer quality solutions and know many different intelligence tools and technologies. In addition, they are proficient in business intelligence consulting. All of your demands can become real. That is the right way to give your business every benefit it deserves.