Eastern Europe is one of the top regions in the world for IT outsourcing. This trend is easy to understand, given the large pool of IT professionals with remarkable expertise and high-end education, plus affordable rates for IT outsourcing. 

Many businesses from the US and Western Europe choose Eastern Europe for outsourcing software development. Read on to find out which are the best Eastern European countries for hiring developers. 

Top 3 Countries to Hire Developers in Eastern Europe

Romania, Ukraine, and Poland are the most popular countries for hiring developers in Eastern Europe.


With 59 universities that offer tech education and more than 64,000 IT graduates each year, Romania provides a wide talent pool. Software developers in Romania are known for their dedicated approach, strong development skills, and affordable rates. 


There are more than 4,000 tech companies in Ukraine, and over 185,000 software developers with top-level skills in Python, JavaScript, Magento, Unity, Scala, and much more. An average monthly salary for a Ukrainian programmer is $2,866, compared to $8,330 in the US. 


With more than 250,000+ IT experts in Poland, and almost 20% involved in software development outsourcing services, and an affordable average salary, Poland is also one of the best countries in Eastern Europe to consider for hiring developers. . 

What to expect of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a top destination for outsourcing because of the rich IT talent pool, affordable prices, and good command of English. Here are some of the main benefits you can expect when you hire developers from Eastern Europe. 

  • Large IT talent pool: there are more than 580,000+ IT specialists which means a lot of skilled developers to choose from.
  • Highly skilled professionals: with a strong education base and versatile experience, Eastern European developers are highly-skilled professionals in everything they do.
  • Convenient location and almost no time zone difference: you can expect easier and more productive communication and collaboration with Eastern European developers. Still, especially if you are based in the US, you need to consider the time zone difference and adjust the working hours. 
  • Cost-efficient services: when you outsource your IT projects to Eastern Europe, you can expect much lower rates compared to the US and Western Europe market, especially compared to building an in-house development team. 

When you hire a software developer from Eastern Europe, you can look for freelancers or hire an outsourcing company. While hiring a freelance software developer might be a quicker (and cheaper) option, there could be significant risks involved – such as the developer bailing out mid-project or ensuring the security of the data you provided.  

On the contrary, when you hire an outsourcing company for IT development, you get a dedicated team of highly-skilled developers dedicated to your project. This solution can provide maximum security and reduced risk while still keeping the costs budget-wise. Plus, you get great flexibility as you can change the volume and the number of developers according to your current business needs.