From the outside, technology users marvel atthe speed and capabilities of today’s technology. When you look closer, the ITindustry is facing some big issues and it mainly comes down to the shortage oftalent. As stated in the CIO Survey, approximately 65% of IT recruiters andemployers are struggling to find people for their vacant roles.

Specialized data analysts, cybersecurity experts, project managers, and business analysts are in the most demand. But let’s take a quick look at some of the other statistics from around the globe:

  • The digital skills gap boils down to a lack of IT professionalswho know how to code and furthermore provide coding solutions. We could belooking at a global shortage of up to 4.3 million skilled workers by 2030, withthe US being the worst affected. This could mean the IT industry will miss outon around $449.7 billion of potential revenue.
  • The need for tech specialists in Singapore grew by 20% in just oneyear.
  • With regards to Europe, Germany, the UK, and the Netherland willsuffer the most from the tech talent shortage.
  • IT specialist vacancies doubled in Germany in 2018 to 82,000.
  • In the Netherlands, 87% of companies struggled to fill their ITpositions.
  • One of the fastest-growing tech industries is in the UK. Companiesare particularly short of experts who are competent in startups.
  • While 65% of employers find it difficult to hire IT professionals,70% are lacking IT skilled personnel in their business.

What Has UkraineGot To Offer?

In the first place, Ukraine has one of thelargest tech talent pools in Europe. It is also the fastest-growing talentpool, making it an excellent location to consider outsourcing. Expert skillsrange from digital banking to VR and AR.

With around 23,000 engineering graduates peryear, it is estimated that within 2020, Ukraine will have close to 200,000 ITprofessionals. The country has won numerous awards, as well as being in the top30 countered for offshore services, not once, but 7 years in a row.

Ukrainian developers are experts in may of thelatest technologies that clients are demanding, such as Groovy, Objective-C,Scala, and a range of the .js’. Have is preferred by backend developers andfrontend developers like to use React, Angular, and Cue.js.

We don’t just turn to Ukraine for web andmobile development. Developers work with native and hybrid mobile apps for thegaming industry, healthcare, e-commerce, education, finch, and many more.  Let’s not forget the importance of embeddedsystems development, which has been essential for the IoT.

Ukraine has certainly got an amazing talentpool. But it goes beyond this. Ukrainian developers are also proficient inEnglish, making it easier to communicate. The country is geographically welllocated to suit many time zones, and developers are dedicated to theirprojects.

The Advantages ofOutsourcing Software Development

The following list includes just some of thebenefits you can reap from outsourcing your software development projects. It’svery likely that once you begin, you will come across many more.

Access to more and better IT talent – As soon as you step away from searching within your local area, you will see that it becomes easier to overcome the current talent shortage we are facing. Not only this, but you are also more likely to find more IT professionals with the qualifications and skills you require. Outsourced teams will more frequently deliver the project on time too.

Saving time and money – You don’t have to concern yourself with the lengthy hiring process. Outsourcing firms will have suitable candidates ready and waiting so it’s probable that you will find the talent you need much quicker than trying to hire and train in-house employees. Salaries are often cheaper, plus outsourced developers are only paid for the length of the project, so there is no risk of paying out a salary when the work has been completed.

Better use of your time- As a business owner or manager, you can appreciate the millionand one jobs that you have to do. Handing over your IT project frees up yourtime to concentrate on the core business.

Shared risks-Contracts are changing and it is more common to find outsourcers who will sharesome of the responsibility of the project. They want to ensure their reputationremains solid and will, therefore, offer more commitment to the project.

Ongoing support- There is a great amount of flexibility with outsourcing, which isideal for software development. Once a project is complete, it will still needcontinuous maintenance. You can scale your outsourcing team up or downdepending on the level of maintenance.

In Conclusion

Outsourcing is a fantastic solution forbusinesses to fill the holes in their IT team quickly and cost-effectively. Ifyou choose to outsource to Ukraine, you will also be able to take advantage ofhighly skilled IT professionals with excellent communication skills. Ukrainecan offer the whole package, value, skill, and standards.