One of the few sectors that continues to operate during the war is the IT sector in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. The Ukrainian IT sector continues to provide high-quality services, support the economy, and bring Ukraine closer to victory.

Since the outbreak of war, IT has played a critical role in keeping Ukraine’s economy afloat. About $23 million was donated to ComeBackAlive by Ukrainian IT companies during the first ten days of the war. In addition to communicating with the world and the media, Ukrainian IT entrepreneurs contribute to diplomatic and military discussions.

There are many fronts in this struggle – military, civilian, diplomatic, state, and business. By supporting Ukrainian economies, providing humanitarian support to Ukrainian communities, and providing for their soldiers, they are better able to pass this test and increase their chances of victory.

New services and digital products were needed after the war in Ukraine. The Ministry of Digital Transformation has been doing almost everything it can to help Ukrainian IT and creative communities during wartime. Just a few days after the Russian invasion, Ukrainians had access to the app that announced air raid sirens based on their region.

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry developed Diia, an e-governance tool that has proven remarkably effective during times of war. By using the app, Ukrainians can identify and share digital documents rather than physical ones. The Diia app now lets Ukrainian migrants enter EU countries without passports. The Diia app also provides 50 government services, so Ukrainians can get help even during shelling. Ukraine’s citizens can now watch Ukrainian TV, pay taxes, report Russian troop movements, join the military, and pay for medical care using only one app on their phones.

Ukrainian Creative Forces offers creative specialists and artists a platform for collaboration. By spreading information about the war and preventing fake news, UCF protects Ukrainian digital space while the Ukrainian army is on the battlefield.

UCF counts up to 30 thousand members, including businessmen, salesmen, creatives, and many others. The Ministry of Digital Transformation allowed the launching of Ukraine’s NFT museum called Meta History: Museum of War. The funds generated through the museum are used to finance the Ukrainian army.

Even global tech giants like PayPal, Wise, and Revoulut are doing their best to support Ukraine in these dire times of need. Each of them entered the Ukrainian market, making their services available to the people with little to no service fees. Others, as solidarity, decided to call it quits with the Russian market.

Currently, the IT sector is one of the rare ones that provide sustainable support for the Ukrainian economy. Even in times of war, it continues to generate revenues, pay taxes, and hire as much labor as possible.