Many businesses all around the world need mobile app and web service development for their operations. However, few have proper staff expertise, which is understandable given the high expense.

Some businesses utilize software development outsourcing to save expenses while maintaining quality. It works like this: the project is assigned to a development team in another country.

The capacity to reduce costs and optimize company operations is a significant advantage of outsourcing. Most significantly, the client has the option to collaborate with true experts on the subject.

What makes Ukraine unique?

Ukraine, being a country with a relatively cheap cost of living, provides IT professionals’ services at reasonable rates. At the same time, they have a high degree of performance, such that big global corporations choose this country as the primary destination for software development outsourcing.

Furthermore, according to Outsourcing Journal and the GSA (Global Sourcing Association, Great Britain), Ukraine was rated the best destination in Eastern Europe for software outsourcing in 2017.

The Advantages of Software Outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine is quickly becoming the No. 1 alternative for companies in many industries requiring software outsourcing, R&D, and other IT services due to the number of highly skilled developers and the established ecosystem.

We’ve created a list of nine reasons why IT outsourcing to Ukraine is the best option for your company.

A large number of skilled specialists

As of early 2018, there were 110,000 IT workers in Ukraine. Following that, it is ranked fourth globally, behind the United States, India, and Russia. There are over 1000 IT businesses, and 19% of all developers have 7 years of experience or more.

Ukraine ranks first among all European nations regarding the number of experts working in software development to the overall volume of human resources. Because of its strong developer base, the nation maintains its dominance in Eastern Europe regarding order volume in the area.

Excellent price-to-quality ratio

Outsourcing web and mobile development to Ukraine help you do more while investing less, which may be an efficient approach to save expenses. When compared to India and the Philippines, Ukrainians provide far higher quality labor. Simultaneously, the cost will be significantly cheaper than recruiting programmers from Western Europe or the United States.

The typical hourly wage is in the region of $ 25-40 (about 60% less than in the United States), which is also competitive compared to nearby countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic.

Geographical location and time zone

Working with a remote workforce in Ukraine is made simpler by the country’s favorable geographical location and time zone (GMT +2). The time difference will be minor if you are in Europe. Even a 7-hour time difference with clients in the United States is more convenient than dealing with firms in India (GMT +5:30), for example.

Foreigners can easily stay in the nation for up to 90 days without a visa. If you are in Western Europe, it will just take you 1 to 3 hours to fly to Ukraine. Ukraine, being at a crossroads of trade routes, is an ideal location for establishing a local office and effectively controlling commercial activities in the region.

Advanced IT industry 

There are now over 1000 IT businesses working in Ukraine, as well as hundreds of start-ups. Many of them, such as SoftServe, DepositPhotos, Readdle, PetCube, and Grammarly, have progressed to a high level of development and are well-known worldwide.

Ukraine is ranked fifth among the world’s top exporters of IT services, with strong year-on-year growth rates. This is one of the few areas of the country’s economy that is slowly expanding and gaining traction.

Large R&D center

Cisco, Oracle, Siemens, IBM, and other global industrial titans now have operational research centers. Furthermore, an increasing number of foreign corporations are establishing their headquarters in this country. Numerous cities are technology hubs, which provides for risk diversification.

A rich technical environment also helps to the quick rise of goods developed by local developers. We mentioned a few of them in the preceding paragraph, but Jooble, TemplateMonster, Mobalytics, Preply, InvisibleCRM, and more well-known players developed by Ukrainian developers.

Good command of the English language

Although hardly everyone in Ukrainian IT speaks fluent English, many experts do. Although the pronunciation might be particular, it is nevertheless more intelligible than the pronunciation of many other non-native speakers.

Eighty percent of Ukrainian developers speak English at a medium or high level. Ukraine is a European country with the most prevalent English language in terms of education.

Cultural compatibility

Ukrainians speak in the classic European style, and the workflow in outsourcing firms matches that of Western Europe and the United States in many ways. There will be no communication stumbling blocks.

Cultural similarities allow the most comfortable workflow organization, resulting in a result-oriented atmosphere rather than a procedure. It would help if you acknowledged that dealing with people who have a European attitude is easier than working with people from other cultures.

It is usually simpler to work with folks who share your values.

A solid educational background

Over 30,000 experts in physics, mathematics, programming, and other technological subjects graduate from Ukrainian colleges and universities every year. Many young people believe IT to be the greatest choice for a future profession because of innovations and chances for growth and development.

Engineers from Ukraine are well-known for their intellect and non-traditional problem-solving approaches due to the balanced representation educational program in the exact sciences and the humanities.

Ukraine has remained one of the most strong technological hubs for many decades, with about 80% of all Ukrainian experts holding a bachelor’s degree.

Some additional facts and numbers

  • Ukraine is one of the top ten nations in terms of the number of certified IT experts.
  • Every year, the country’s IT industry grows at a rate of 20-25 percent.
  • 122 Ukrainian universities provide technical education to graduates.
  • In terms of the number of qualified IT experts, Ukraine ranks third in Europe.
  • Four out of ten pan-European transport lines run through Ukraine’s territory.
  • Personal income tax in Ukraine is 18 percent, which is considered low.
  • According to experts, the number of IT workers in Ukraine will reach 200,000 by 2020.

The combination of high performance and economic benefits makes software development outsourcing to Ukraine an attractive alternative for any company working in any industry.