IT companies have shifted to offshore software outsourcing, which Covid-19 has accelerated since 2020. Recently, Eastern European countries have been seen as potential countries for outsourcing software development. Since Eastern European countries are native English speakers, they qualify to be the best IT software developers worldwide. Apart from the native language, they also provide services at affordable costs hence cutting on development cost.

Why Choose Eastern European Countries for Outsourcing


Software engineers from Eastern European countries are cheaper than compared to the United States and Asia. On average, developers in Eastern Europe earn a maximum of $8800 while those in United States pocket $745000 annually, which is almost ten times higher. By hiring Eastern European software developers, you will save pretty cash on software development.

Quality services

Eastern European countries encourage skill development by investing in educational programs. Taking Romania as an example, they produce over 7000 IT graduates to the job market annually. Belarus has extensive growth of IT companies due to the conducive environment provided by the government. In 2018, the Belarus government invested 71% in the IT sector and educational programs.

 Good work ethics and culture

 Eastern European IT companies possess good work ethics similar to those of the United States and the United Kingdom. The culture and work ethics assure clients that the hired programmers have similar culture as their own. 

They provide admirable results within the speculated time, and they are innovative and creative. Globally, Eastern European developers are top-rated in software development and optimized services.

Eastern European countries ideal for outsourcing


 Choosing Ukraine for outsourcing comes with several advantages. Ukraine has a time zone that is relatively convenient to that of the United States and Europe. Client-developer collaboration is enhanced due to the 7-hour time difference. Offshore developers in Ukraine possess proficient technical and non-technical skills best for executing software development projects. Globally, Ukraine is ranked 4th in tech population and has over 116000 software engineers.


 The commonly used programming languages originated from Poland, giving them a high advantage over other countries in software development. Since Poland is a member of the European Union, Polish software engineers are ideal for outsourcing. Poland is one of the countries that guarantee client’s data protection hence better security.


 Romania’s time zone slightly differs from Europe, but this does not pose a limitation. Romania software engineers provide quality software to their clients and strictly work on the scheduled timeline. The IT industry is steadily growing, which means that the number of professionals is also increasing. Romania is among the top five countries that are experiencing steady economic growth.


 Out of all outsourcing countries, Belarus is only the country that provides free tax relief to IT companies and startups. Belarus has a fast-growing tech environment that favors startups and provides a win-win between clients and developers. Belarus enjoys higher English-speaking proficiency over Ukraine.


 Serbian development companies enjoy employee retention, which means that they are content with their paycheck. Repetitive clients enjoy working with the same developers; thus, quality is maintained. Client-developers’ communication is guaranteed because Serbia is one hour ahead of the United Kingdom and six hours ahead of the United States. The Serbian government provides a conducive environment to outsourcing companies by enacting favorable laws.

 In conclusion, Eastern European countries are preferred due to minimal time differences and minimal language barriers. Also, they offer quality services at subsidized costs; hence clients save on development costs. As of now, Eastern European counties are leading in software development outsourcing.