IT entrepreneurs are the pioneers of the 21st century. IT is a vast world in which it is easy to get lost. As you find your way IT-wise, here are 21 facts to guide you to the best of places; Ukraine.

1.    Ukraine is the Klondike of IT experts – Among the top 100 outsourcing companies worldwide, 13 of them are Ukrainian. Ukraine takes the first place in Europe with a pool of IT talent exceeding 110,000 people.

2.    Knowledge and talent – Ukrainian developers are by far the best in the world with their high skills, creativity, and great logic. Out of the 50 most developer-talented countries on HackerRank, Ukraine is the 11th. It ranks the 1st position in the top 5 countries in IT security, mathematics, and distributed systems. Recently, the Google Global Competition, which involved building and monetizing an app, was won by Kyiv Mohyla Academy from Ukraine.

3.    The economy with the IT sector – In some Ukrainian sectors, corruption prevents growth and development. This makes the economic sector to be in bad shape. However, this is not the case in the IT sector due to a large number of people moving into the IT sector.  With the expertise level in this sector, IT is rebuilding the Ukrainian economy. To achieve common goals, the IT sector is uniting into professional unions, thus making positive changes to the IT ecosystem.

4.    IT education – Educational programs in IT are numerous and of high quality, ensuring that Ukraine keeps up with technological innovations. The future of technology is bright in Ukraine’s capable hands.

5.    Room for improvement in IT education – Due to the lack of improvements in the curriculum in relation to IT and a lack of interest among students, new ideas are welcome in the creation of a new research and development center.

6.    Shared values of the outsourcing team – With the present generation having grown up enjoying TV shows, movies and video games from the western, the risk of misunderstanding and cultural values have significantly reduced since they understand the western values and ways of thinking. Western art, culture, and entertainment are thought of highly and are as familiar to Ukrainians as their equivalents. Ukrainian outsourcing team comfortably and confidently take up international projects.

7.    The tremendous magnitude of thought in tech – Ukrainians think big. They build the largest airplane, Antonov An-225 Mriya, which has a wingspan twice the length of a football pitch.

8.    Technical potential – The rocket manufacturing capability of Ukraine is a full cycle. The Makarov industrial association’s Southern Machine-Building Plant (Yuzhmash) manufactures space technologies and other research-intensive products. With Ukraine having launched rockets from different space platforms, their technical potential should not be underestimated.

9    IT contribution to GDP – IT is the third most significant contributor to the economy in Ukraine, accounting for 3.3 % of its total amount. This percentage is growing over time, furthering development and growth.

10.    IT experts’ psychological portrait – Most programmers in Ukraine are motivated by an interest in technology, salary, professional growth potential, flexible working hours and an open-minded team.

11.    Timely work – Ukrainian developers believe that they can cope and handle every situation, no matter how challenging, on time. As a result, they are reluctant to report problems as soon as they encounter them. This has its positive and negative side, but generally, it is an indication of a dedicated and highly competitive team.

12.    Communication – Companies outsourcing services are expending a great deal of effort to building efficient communication with their partners. Multiple programs and free-of-charge language courses have been established to eradicate the language barrier. Ukraine’s rank in English proficiency is among the best due to this effort.

13.    Coding that boosts the mood – The income-expenditure ratio for IT engineers is favorable and allows them to live happy lives. Hence, they also work more effectively.

14.    Clear skies for outsourcing – The climate in Ukraine is good. Punctuality is one of the traits of Ukrainians since they do not have to deal with the inconvenience that comes with unfavorable weather conditions.

15.    Positive changes – To meet the IMF AND EU requirements, Ukraine is undergoing significant modernization and reforms.

16.    Location diversity – instead of having just one single major center of IT, Ukraine has five major outsourcing centers, thus enabling many people to have access to IT and all it has to offer.

17.    Closer to Europe – the simplicity of movement between Europe and Ukraine has fostered communication and resulted in many positive impacts

Now you see why Ukraine is an excellentchoice for outsourcing companies on an international scale.