Situated in Eastern Europe, Lviv, the largest city in Western Ukraine, is a blend of 763 years of history and a modern-day tech hub full of committed, and talented developers.

Below, you will find 10 facts about offshore software development in Lviv:

  1. The IT Industry is the most advanced field in Lviv, closely followed by tourism and mechanical engineering. There are 317 IT companies that provide offshore development services or IT product companies
  2. Lviv is home to 21,000 IT professionals with another 3000 joining the labor force by the end of this year.
  3. 5,000 graduates are expected to graduate in the field of IT and join the already expanding workforce in 2019.
  4. In 2018, 1 million dollars was spent on employee training, a sign that offshore software development companies are active in the professional development area.
  5. The profile of an average IT specialist in Lviv is 28 years old and has at least 3 years of experience in their field of expertise
  6. Out of all of the tech talent in Lviv, 76.6% have a technical background as opposed to 23.4% with a non-technical background.
  7. The IT sector in Lviv has a positive knock-on-effect with related industries, creating approximately 63,000 jobs in 2018. To put that in perspective, 1 IT expert position resulted in 3.1 related positions.
  8. Lviv is seen as the cultural capital of Ukraine. People (including highly skilled IT specialists) are drawn to the city for its activity. About 39.1% of the IT specialists in Lviv have come here from other areas.
  9. International IT conferences are frequently celebrated in Lviv. Some examples include Lviv IT Arena, GDG DevFest Ukraine, IT Weekend, and the GameDev Conference.

     10. The IT community in Lviv is lively andpromotes offshore software development. Including:

Startup Depot- a business incubator assisting local startups

Lviv IT Cluster- a community comprised of leading software developers, product companies, and other industry players. It provides key links between educational institutes and IT companies

Testers.Lviv.UA- a community of professional software testers

PM Community- a gathering of IT project managers in order to share experiences and improve IT training

Google Developers Group- open to all, this group is enthusiastic about Google technology, meeting twice a month and organizing GDG DevFest

WISC- formed with engineers and experts in IT Security

IT Outsourcing Lviv: Top Specialties

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Server Development
  • Complex Multiplatform Solution
  • UX Consulting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Desktop Development
  • Web Development


Lviv is on its way to becoming a leading IT outsourcing destination in Europe due to the substantial technical expertise of the developers, high English proficiency level, and knowledge, overall booming tech ecosystem, and high-level education.