While companies are considering the place to which they should outsource, one of the factors to consider is the place with maximum benefits and minimum risks involved. Bulgaria is one such destination. However, it offers more than just maximum benefits with minimum risks. These benefits include:

1.    A Professional workforce

Bulgarian workforce offers more than just competitive quality and prices. They are reliable and innovative; the many years in managing projects in multinational companies have provided priceless experience for the Bulgarian labor force. As a result, outsourcing to Bulgaria results in significant progress and quality improvement.

2.    Competitive prices

When assembling a customer service team, one of the biggest costs is labor. In Bulgaria, companies that outsource save 40% to 50%, thus significantly cutting down on costs. Bulgaria is, therefore, a country with the most competitive salary levels in all of Europe.

3.    Innovative solutions

The education system in Bulgaria is excellent and concentrates on engineering, electronics, and computer sciences. Their graduates and postgraduates work for companies that have the latest innovation and technology. This is especially the case in the customer service sector.

4.    Great education

When it comes to education, Bulgaria ranks 5th in sciences and 11th in mathematics; while in IQ and SAT score tests, it ranks 2nd. The big pool of world-class employees, added to all these traits makes Bulgaria a great place to outsource.

5.    Movement of call centers to Bulgaria

When it comes to customer service, Bulgaria beats India by far. Many postgraduates are willing to work in the customer service sector, especially now that in Bulgaria call centers are not considered a stop-gap.

6.    Easy movement

The geographic position of Bulgaria makes it a bridge between Europe and Asia. Its time zone is very close to that of every country in Europe, thus customers can easily get in touch with customer service. Besides, it’s easy for management to meet with vendors when the need arises since it is a few hours away from all the major cities in Europe.

7.    It’s what successful companies do

Bulgaria is an outsource destination for many big companies such as HP, SAP, Sony, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, and IBM. According to statements from big companies, a tangible improvement in performance is achieved after only one year of outsourcing their processes.

8.    Reduced time market

A combination of professional tools and skills is used by Bulgarian specialists to accelerate projects processes. This provides additional capability and knowledge resulting in faster and better access to the market.

9.    Low tax rates

They provide a very low corporate tax rate of just 10%.

10.    Ease of communication

Among many professionals, English is widely spoken, especially in the customer service sector. Actually, most professionals speak more than one foreign language, thus eliminating communication barriers.

Considering all these reasons Bulgaria is the ultimate go-to location for outsourcing. The benefits that come with it are noteworthy, not to mention the rank it takes on a global scale.