Over the last 20 years there has been a lot of hype about Eastern Europe and the growing technological capabilities, but where does Poland stand? Recent studies have shown that Poland is at the top in terms of producing skilled IT programmers, not just in Europe, but worldwide. This should not come as a surprise. Poland has a long history of excellent mathematicians, logicians, and chess players. You may question where chess playing comes into it but think of the problem-solving skills required for both chess and programming.

When international companies are keen to hire specialists, Polish names are certainly among the options. If you look closely, some Polish teams and individuals have been named as the best worldwide.

Positive growth in the IT market along with astable economy

Poland is consistently chosen as the best location for outsourcing. It has been listed as the best country in Europe and 10th worldwide. The KPMG report from two years ago confirmed Poland as the 1st place in Europe for outsourcing. This position was maintained, according to A.T. Kearny’s report just one year ago.  The principal areas of activity are in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Lodz. These reports looked at the financial attractiveness, the skill levels, availability, and business environment.

Poland is also attractive for investors because of its stable economic situation. While many European countries have faced economic turmoil, Poland has remained consistent. There are many cultural similarities with other European countries, as well as high standards in education, low taxes, and foreign language abilities.

There is nothing suggesting that any of these advantages will change over the next 5 years. Here are three reasons why Polish programmers have made it to the top of the list.

A strong education in both math and programming

Poland is a very attractive location for students, and not just for Polish residents. There are over 46,000 international students. Each year, more than 15,000 IT specialists graduate, proving that Poland warrants the title of the next software development hub with all of the latest technologies.

Students from around the world are drawn to Polish universities for the outstanding reputation they have earned and the low cost of living.

If you take a look at the QS University Rankings, you will find the Warsaw University of Technology.  Aside from this, it is placed 18th in the emerging European universities and also in Central Asia.

Lodz university partners with almost 400 institutes from all over the world and it won’t be long before you see this university on the international rankings. These universities are just one of the reasons why both startups and companies choose to outsource in Poland.

Little difference in culture

When you consider the cultural differences between places like Asia, Poland really doesn’t have a difference. Considering Polish children start learning English in primary school, by the time students graduate, their level of English is extremely high or even at the proficient level.

Language barriers can create a massive gap in communication, not to mention frustration and even issues with completing projects. The fact that this isn’t an issue in Poland and the lack of cultural difference, makes this country more appealing for outsourcing.

The time zone in which Poland sits in is also favorable. With very little difference between other European countries, teams can work together without having to stay up until the middle of the night. For those in the U.S. Polish companies are flexible with their hours and so will often choose to work later in order to meet the needs of the client.

A highly competitive environment

Competition is a great way to maintain growth and standards. Over the last few years, competitive programming has increased and the Polish are succeeding. Poland has won many Java challenges, most likely because Java is a favorite language among developers.

What are your options?

Each year, the IT sector in Poland keeps gaining strength. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP, Cisco, and Nokia all have offices in Poland, including the Research and Development departments. It’s safe to say more tech giants will follow suit.

Polish companies are ready to handle projects from small to medium-sized companies. If this is your first time outsourcing, you know that Poland is a wise choice for you.