Machine learning engineers are necessary for the execution of artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks. These engineers are versed in data science and heavy-duty coding and they work around data pipelines to make the code work. You cannot do without the services of a skilled ML specialist if you intend to perform an AI task.

But then, it is not so easy to get a team of ML experts. In the last few years, the demand has steadily increased by over ten times. Most ML experts are currently engaged by big tech corporations.

If you are looking for nearshore ML professionals, where do you go? We talk about this in this article.

Top Destinations forOutsourcing Machine Learning Services


With numerous awards and international recognition, the IT industry of Ukraine is arguably one of the best in Europe. As far as outsourcing is concerned, the industry is a frontrunner among the Eastern European countries. There are about 3,000 machine learning experts in Ukraine, and it is increasingly appealing because the demand for that skill by local firms is becoming higher. Most of these specialists are employed by Ukrainian outsourcing companies and these companies in turn work with organizations from Western Europe, North America and Australia. This is in stark contrast to the situation in other Eastern European countries where the vast majority of ML specialists work for international IT companies, which makes it almost impossible to employ them.

In addition, IT clusters are ML groups organize several programs and events which serve as platforms for experts to meet and share ideas.


Poland is one of the most important outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. The talent pool of the machine language specialists is made up of about 5,500 experts, according to LinkedIn. Few local firms offer services in machine learning. There is a growing demand for experts in machine learning and other specializations. A lot of companies – which include Google, Cisco, Nokia, and Microsoft – have branches in Poland and are looking for the services of these professionals; hence it is a bit difficult to source for skilled professionals.

Steps have been taken to enhance understanding of machine learning in Poland. Small ML groups arrange periodic meetings, seminars and conferences where ML stakeholders assemble to rub minds.


There is a very high demand for machine learning specialists in Romania. In the country, over 131 firms are looking to hire Machine Learning talents with Oracle, Nokia, Siemens, and Microsoft chief among them. Almost three thousand ML experts are already engaged by local firms in the country.

The country’s active IT community set up several programs, conferences and lectures on machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing and a host of other IT related specializations.


In recent years, there has been a little decline in the diversity and availability of tech experts in Belarus. However, the country is still a strong outsourcing destination and is embarking on new methods which will help to increase the number of machine learning professionals in the country.