Kharkiv used to be the capital city of Ukraine and it is still regarded as a major city for tourism with great structures and sites of interest for tourists.

Most of the IT companies in Ukraine are located in 5 major cities, and one of the main centers for the thriving IT industry in Ukraine, is Kharkiv

In recent years, IT has not really grown in Kharkiv as a result of theuprising in the neighbouring Donbass region. Nevertheless, the city cannot beignored by clients seeking to outsource projects because it presents a lot ofopportunities. To start with, the city has tried to improve its IT in differentramifications including IT outsourcing. Also, Kharkiv has a large array of ITinstitutions – clubs organized based on the specialization of their members. Suchclubs include the community of mobile developers, QA, web design, internetmarketing, etc.

Kharkiv has been improving its IT infrastructure in order to regain the loftyposition it used to hold in IT software development and outsourcing in timepast, hence the different institutions in the city organize regular workshopsand conferences for developers. These programmes, which are aimed at enhancingthe viable conditions required for the industry to grow, focus on differentcategories of IT industry such as software development and management, human resourcesand so on.

There are over forty institutions of higher learning in the citychurning out some three thousand IT experts on yearly basis. This means thatthe city, in addition to providing IT professional to serve its needs, alsoproduces experts for other cities that lack tech experts. Emphasis is laid oncomputer software engineering, applied mathematics and information securitymanagement. Also, cyber security is now becoming an emerging course inKharkiv’s educational institutions owing to the rise in demand for experts inthat field.

Furthermore, the city has partnered with several countries,organizations and bodies to improve the IT industry. Regular meetings are oftenheld in Kharkiv among the IT clusters with members from the Austrian Embassy,South Korea, Canada and France usually in attendance.

In addition, Kharkiv has competitive salary rates for workers in the ITindustry. It is ranked fourth in the list of salaries for developers andsupport staff. This means that not only are the tech experts receiving nice payfor their skills but other employees, who are not necessarily IT experts butwork in the IT industry, receive wages that are higher than those of theirpeers elsewhere. It goes without saying that that this is greatly helping tokeep workers motivated and focused.

In conclusion, it can be said that the IT market in Kharkiv is a buoyantone, being one of the biggest and largest in Ukraine. The zeal and enthusiasmof the stakeholders have pretty well ensured that the city still ranks high inthe field of IT, and especially when it comes to IT outsourcing. With allindicators pointing to a bright future, Kharkiv is the city to beat when itcomes to IT in Ukraine.