The time of connecting softwareexpansion subcontracting mostly with India are long gone with Central andEastern Europe having energy as a growing IT talent hub.

The countries that were once inaccessible by the Iron Screen of the Soviet command are now rapidly gaining force as talented participants to India and other Asian countries conventionally selected as suppliers of the IT labor force.

The report setby Qubit Labs on the rates of software inventors across Central andEastern Europe offers comprehensive by-country data for clients schedulingtheir outsourcing funds and various sites to outsource software expansion.

Here are some elementarytruths about countries in this area proposing outstanding outsourcing chancesand worth being measured as an outsourcing endpoint.

Reasonsto Outsource to Eastern Europe

Focus on invention

Local designers showa great latent in terms of having speed with the latest expertise and possess acomprehensive collection of highly wanted expertise.


IT subcontractingalways contains announcements and interface between the headquarters and theoutsourced workforce, which may become way stiffer in case of a cultural eccentric.Western customers may not fear such a trial if they prefer to outsourcesoftware expansion to Eastern Europe as people here possess an attitude highlysimilar to that of Westerners.


Eastern Europe is a placeproposing IT outsourcing with the best arrangement of price and excellence. Whilemost coders from this area keep a solid practical background and can deliver brilliantservices, their rates are highly modest as compared to Westernprogrammers’ rates.

A comprehensive selection of gifted coders

A huge sum ofprogrammers with a hard practical background and in-depth engineering knowledgemay be clarified by the long-standing importance of high-quality educationin the Soviet Union reserved by earlier nations until today.

Level ofEnglish aptitude

One of the paramountchallenges frightening international corporations of the outsourcing way out isthe language obstacle. Certainly, it’s very difficult to reach a wanted goal incase you cannot reach the elementary common consideration with your staff.

Contentedgeographic locality

Eastern Europesoftware subcontracting is suitable for many Western clients because of the suitabilityof work preparation and travel.

Highgrowth prospective

Meanwhile, the CEE labor arcades are quite new on the global scale and are only opening their entry to the global IT sector, they have now exposed a massive growth prospective.

Expedienttime zone

the region is extremelysuitable for outsourcing for Western European corporations because of marginaltime alteration between the states. In such a way, both in-house and outsourcedsquads may function in aggregation and any meetings may be planned with noovertime hours in any of the offices.

The affluence of ordering business travel

Customers from both Western Europe and more detached areas may find it wonderfully easy to visit their subcontracted teams and offshore growth centers in Eastern Europe due to highly advanced setup and suitability of flight agendas.

CEE Software Subcontracting Market Examination

IT subcontracting inEastern Europe is not standardized since all countries in the area are exclusiveand diverse in terms of wages, a pool of flair, and work terms.

Consequently, it is sturdilysuggested to ponder each of the countries distinctly and examine the IToutsourcing market prevailing there to make a wise choice for the long-termobjective.

The names of the topsix countries are mentioned below:

  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Ukrainian