Poland has been home to many BPO and SSC companies for 25 years already, and there is no sign of the company developments stopping any time soon. The expansion of the modern business services sector began in Poland and continues to grow to this day.

MainIT Hubs

At the beginning, BPO and SSC developed inthree main cities: Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. These three cities have been onthe top 100 Outsourcing destinations list which was prepared by Tholons foryears. After awhile, BSS-type operating centres were established in othercities such as: Gdańsk, Poznań, Łódź, Katowice, Lublin, Szczecin, Opole,Białystok, Rzeszów, Gdynia, Częstochowa, Kielce and Opole.

Keep in mind that this is not a closed list, and it will soon mention cities and locations chosen by the BPO and SSC companies in the near future.

HumanResources and Services

The BSS industry would not grow and be successful without human resources. There is a constant need for modern business services, specialized staff, employment in outsourcing, etc. The growth might not be as high as normal this year due to the pandemic and financial reasons; however, compared to other countries from the CEE and SEE regions, Poland can boost the largest employment in the area of business services.

You need to note that Poland pays a lot of attention to people to teach foreign languages. BPO and SCC operating centers provide services in over 40 different languages. This is going to help those who speak different languages to get paid.

The Pro Progression Foundation published areport which analyzed German language teaching in universities in Poland. Thisreport shows that German Philology is offered in 36 polish cities.

Poland is a country that is at an advanced level in outsourcing and shared service centers. The nice thing about this is that you get great value for money as Poland’s services might not be cheap; however, you have an attractive ratio of cost to quality and timeliness of service delivery. In other words, you get a high level of services, and this is great value for money. You get what you pay for, and you will not be disappointed in the level of professionalism and work handed in.

Educationand Cities

Investors from (BSS) (SSC, BPO, ITO, R&D),  Poland is one of the largest markets in the CEE region and is one of the most attractive business terms. There is evidence that shows the potential of a highly developed labor market as there are approximately 330 000 people employed in this sector. There are also academic advantages offered by the quality of education in Poland.

Many students speak foreign languages and are familiar with modern technology, which is important in the context of career development opportunities in the BSS sector. Poland has as many as 50 cities that have modern business centers operating.

Cities such as Tri-City, Katowice, Poznan,and Lodz are developing very enthusiastically. Entrepreneurs see greatpotential in these cities, both in the context of recruiting employees and interms of reducing the costs of conducting business.